Panama decision, justice to the righteous or terror to evildoers…?

By Marwa Mehboob.

The countdown begins for the final verdict of Panama case. Channels adopting maximum coverage policy to add more significance to the much awaited decision by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The case started in the wake of Panama Papers almost a year ago, carrying documents from Mossack Fonseca, a firm that sells anonymous offshore companies around the world enabling their owners to shelter their business no matter how ambiguous they are.

The roar against the upheaval was already at the peak with PTI leading from the front starting from 2014 Dharna till the piling up of Panama case against PM Nawaz Sharif and taking it to the supreme body of the country.

Tremendous amount of pressure was felt during the course of the hearing where both the parties were seen fighting media war, engaging the journalists to play their due role and present what they believe is the true meaning of Justice.

This all was witnessed with a sense of either the justice shall meet victory or unjust will prevail.  The people have had enough of this nationalist rhetoric. Where they have not been able to found any resonance in context with the national chauvinism or aggressive enthusiasm within the society as a whole. Unfortunately, the disparity in the society speaks volumes of their plight.

Our rulers believe that they can bring prosperity to this nation through economic stability rather than justice and they do so by creating false economic paradigm which is far beyond the knowledge of preliterate class of our society. After the Panama decision once again the thirst and quest for the justice has risen. As per the Supreme Court verdict which says that there was insufficient evidence of corruption against PM Nawaz Sharif therefore PM is allowed to stay in his office thus rejecting the call to oust PM over corruption claims. Though the judgment was in the favor of PM Nawaz Sharif but was embedded with meaningful remarks like “Godfather” and the order for further investigation into offshore money following leak of financial documents.

The verdict was welcomed with different set of beliefs from different Political parties. Major stakeholder PTI believes that the verdict is a clear depiction of all those lies which were being stated by PM on the floor of the house pertaining to offshore companies and this judgment has undoubtedly taken his credibility to the low ebb. Political parties including PPP, JI, PTI and few others are joining hands to put pressure on the PM for his resignation. Whereas, this stance by the opposition parties has been challenged by the PM and his alliance. The recent statements from PM Nawaz Sharif in his Jalsas show that he and his Party is ready to take on the opposition stance to the maximum limit possible, ruling out any chance of PM’s resignation. The opposition including PPP which supported PML N in a so called fight to protect democratic framework of the country in 2014 sit ins now seems to be in a much aggressive mode.

The panama decision has undoubtedly exposed the narrow escape of PM Nawaz Sharif in the Supreme Court to unseat him on allegations of corruption levelled by the opposition. This has served as an ignition for the opposition other than PTI to score their political points in post Panama scenario and thus making their way in the next 2018 elections with a win in terms of Panama Case.

Pakistan Army besides defending the country’s borders has also played a significant role and has a sound track record in natural disasters not only domestically but internationally as well. This is not the only reason of overwhelming popularity of Pak Army but also the war against terror in which our Army has given uncountable sacrifices and has outlawed the terror groups. The emerging popularity of Pak Army has regained the trust of millions of Pakistanis living all around the globe. Tweet from DG ISPR that came in reference of Panama case was also in accordance to the aspirations of Pakistani people. The statement from ISPR not only indicates the justice and merit to prevail in the country but also indicates that Army is well aware of the political turmoil in the country formulated by the corruption.

The post Panama scenario not only engulfs the political parties but also the establishment which has a major role to offer in order to stabilize the civil military relations and to lead the institutions with their expertise of discipline.

The civil military relations are once again in a state of uncertainty. Dawn leaks, Panama case both affecting the relations because of the decisions made by the Government. How long and what impact does this war of words have …. ??? This is the question in every second person’s mind.

The answer to this question lies only in a permanent transparent judicial system which can provide justice on merit to the righteous and bring terror to the evil doers. The division of thoughts will remain unchanged harboring indifferences and barbarism in the society with the undefined system of justice. Our country is on a verge where we need the brinkmanship which could act as a force that can cut across this barrage of tyranny.

Brinkmanship in the realm of history, “The ability to get to the verge without getting into the war is the necessary art, if you cannot master it, you inevitably get into war. If you try to run away from it, you are lost.”

Marwah Mehboob writes on social and political issues and is a media analyst. She can be reached at Twitter; @marwahmehboob

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