Islamophobia & West

By Bushra Hassan.

Islamophobia is defined as hating, disliking or criticizing Islam without having any authentic reason and proofs is called as Islamophobia. It is also defined as putting allegations on Islam, Muslims and their beliefs and a practice is called Islamophobia. Having hatred feelings for Muslims and always expressing bad about them is also termed as Islamophobia. The term Islamophobia was first used in early 20th century and the concept further prevailed a couple of decades ago, particularly after 9/11 incident, when everyone across the globe started blaming Muslim Community for those attacks.

Since then, Muslims have always been termed as terrorists for any extremist and terror related incidents. The rise of militancy in the name of Islam, along with the physical appearance, be it growing beard or using veil, also prevailed the concept of Islamophobia, particularly in West and Muslims across the globe started suffering to maximum extent. Extremist and militants used Islam as their umbrella and carried out terrorist activities after which it became difficult for Muslims in West specially to lead a normal life.

Since after the 9/11 attacks, Western Media has always considered Muslims as terrorists and tried to isolate them on every level, be it social, cultural or political. United States of America (USA) also started War against Terrorism and attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and later on along with its allies, USA also funded for the formation of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Islamic State (IS), along with its allies.

Whenever any terrorist incident occurs, Western Media, even before the completion of initial investigations, starts mentioning that the terrorist was a Muslim and belonged to that particular country. Talking about Israeli Media and their Social Networking accounts, they link each and every awkward situation by linking it with Muslims and Islam. The Times of Israel and Jews News are the best examples of blaming Muslims and Islam for any kind of untoward situation or incident.

In recent past, Islamophobia has resulted in Donald Trump putting Travel Bans and Sanctions on several Muslim Countries. Muslims in West face restrictions in going to mosques by the authorities and their whole lives and daily routine matters are being monitored by the respective authorities. Banning veil in France is also another example of Islamophobia, that too on State Level. These kinds of approaches from the West clearly portray the restricted and congested mindset of West towards Islam and Muslims.

Blasphemous Content on Social Media has also remained a key issue in Muslim Countries when West tried to hurt Muslims by talking evil about their believes. So, Islamophobia is something that has been affecting Muslims, particularly in West for long time and Muslims living over there face a lot of difficulties and hurdles in their routine matters.

Talking about dealing of Pakistani media with Islamophobia, we come to know that this is the topic that is worth debating for. As far as Pakistani media is concerned, I would say that it has rarely brought the Western Injustice in this regard, into limelight. Pakistani media only reports the stuff that could give channels the rating. We have a lot of stuff to be shown in red tickers as Breaking News but Pakistani Media has probably never highlighted the biased face of West and its media.

Pakistani Media only quotes the statements of Foreign News Agencies and does not object any conspiracy of Western Media regarding to the injustice being done with Muslims and even on the issues of blaming Muslims for any terrorist incidents. We never see any debate or discussion in any talk show about Western Media prevailing and promoting Islamophobia and portraying negative image of Islam and Muslims. Such kinds of realities in West remain only news in Pakistan for some bits of time, but unfortunately they never convert into a thought provoking debate or movement.

Apparently, there seems no solution for false portrayal of Islam and Muslims as the media itself is very strong that it cannot be stopped from giving false and misinterpreted information, especially when the whole scenario is state-sponsored. Only Muslim countries can unite on one page, develop a consensus and counter the situation constructively. For now, the biggest problem is the division of Muslim countries within themselves. Until or unless, Muslim countries do not their resolved their matters, there would be a no way out to tackle Islamophobia.

The writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry.

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