Dawn Leaks – Expected End after an Unexpected Move

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Dawn Leaks, a matter for which all of us were thinking that somehow it will be for the first time ever in the history of Pakistan that the real culprits behind any scenario will be brought to justice and they will be held accountable. But it did not happen and once again the actual characters found a safe passage and a runaway from one of the most important issues of Pakistan. Dawn Leaks, an issue which was termed as National Security Breach, has now been settled down by considering the national interests more important than the breaching of National Security.

It all started on 6th Oct 2016 when Dawn’s Journalist Cyril Almeida broke the confidential minutes of high level meeting among the government and military leadership on National Action Plan. A News Story surfaced in which the civilians reportedly directed the military to act against militants or otherwise get ready to face international isolation. After its publication, we witnessed storm everywhere around and Army demanded to bring the real characters behind the publication of this story.

Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar also termed the issue an extremely serious one and ensured to unmask the real faces but then we saw the formation of two different committees and after then the matter kept on prevailing without having any specified direction towards its end. A couple of weeks ago on 29th Apr, the government issued a notification regarding the probe on the Dawn Leaks, however, Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor’s tweet came into limelight within an hour in which he completely rejected the notification.

DG ISPR issued a brief statement in his tweet and said that the recommendations of Pakistan Army were not incorporated and notification on Dawn Leaks is incomplete, thus the notification of government is rejected. But within a time span of few days, DG ISPR held a Press Conference and turned all the tables in government’s favour.

He withdrew his previous tweet in which he had rejected the notification and said that his tweet was neither against any individual nor the government. He stated that their recommendations have been implemented, duly approved by the Prime Minister and now the issue has been resolved. He said that Pakistan Army firmly believes in upholding the constitution of Pakistan and supports the democratic process.

With the chapter of Dawn Leaks in which the National Security was breached, closing this way, I must say that it is good to see civil military leadership back on same page and the matter of Dawn Leaks has been settled down finally. But there are few things which we cannot rule out from this chapter of Dawn Leaks. This matter had been termed as the National Security Breach and the Army had the intelligence reports and records of conversation between Cyril Almeida and Maryam Nawaz Sharif. They knew it very well that it was Maryam Nawaz who discussed the content with Cyril Almeida that was published.

But, Army wanted Federal Government to take action and highlight the names from Prime Minister House. Apparently it looked that Army would not compromise on the issue and it will become pretty much difficult for Nawaz Sharif to cope with the matter. But DG ISPR coming up by saying that Nawaz Sharif is the supreme authority and his word is the final word was way too surprising and extremely shocking for many of us who were expecting that Army won’t show leniency in this regard and take this matter to finish line.

In the situation when Pakistan Army and its soldiers are shedding their blood in the war against terrorism and sacrificing their lives for the sake of our motherland, voices from PM House are heard saying that Pakistan Army does not act against terrorists. It is something that can never ever be tolerated. Now here we have two different perspectives to perceive the whole scenario. One is that Pakistan Army has backed off and the other one is that Army has chosen the defensive option for the sake of national interests and ongoing regional situation.

On the other end, there is a huge hype on the Mainstream and Social Media about Pakistan Army withdrawing their tweet and for their reconciliation with the government. Personally I also feel that Army should have had taken the bold stance to make the history once and for all, because fabrication of Dawn’s News Story was termed as National Security Breach by Army itself and the matter is of equal importance as some militant launches an attack on you. But, under the current consequences; Indo-Pak tensions, violence and threats coming from Afghanistan & Iran, USA & Israel playing their Proxy Wars, Army considered it as the most appropriate option to not derail the system by engaging into civil-military conflict.

This decision by Army is in favour of the system and perhaps it was the need of the time to settle down this issue. but on the other side, the roots of evil are still there, these roots having connections with the boss of the country, still exist who have tried many times to ruin the image of Pakistan Army. People had higher expectations from Army but at the end, the decision by Army has only avoided civil-military conflicts for the sake of country, but the credibility of Army has got a dent on it.

Army who is already confronting India, Afghanistan, Iran and several other operations inside the country, has opted to not come face to face with Nawaz Sharif, but the matter of concern is that the real alleged culprit has now got a complete clean chit and has got no apparent hurdle in contesting even for the next premiership.

Army has chosen to continue with the ongoing setup whereas this deprived nation was eyeing for a permanent solution and was looking for some historic moves. Now with the matter has been settled down, all of us should back our Army for their continuous efforts in bringing back peace in the region. Apart from that and on a lighter note, I declare this settlement between the government and military stands rejected. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.

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