Happy Mothers’ Day

By Atika Abbasi.

In the recent years, the dedication of particular days to particular people, event or memory has gained a boost. Different days are associated to celebration of Father’s day, Mother’s day, Friendship day, and Valentine’s Day etc. Social media and electronic media are on the go to push people for the involvement of as much people as possible.

Just as Mothers’ Day is around the corner, there is a divide between people that whether this day should be celebrated or not. As some people argue that motherhood is the most superior and invaluable relationship in this world.  The respect and love attached to this relationship should not be confined to a single day. They should feel special and respected every day, not just a single day in a whole year.  However, others argue that motherhood is, definitely, one of the most revered and chaste love. But the celebration of this day does not mean that love for mothers is restricted to Mothers’ day only.

This sort of thought-provoking discussions spring up every year, however, the point of deliberation over here is the rise of consumerism on such occasions. We see that as soon as any of such event approaches, different brands offers discount sales on their products. They grasp the opportunity to take in as much profit as possible. Now, different kinds of money off sales like Mothers’ day, Fathers’ day, Ramadan or Eid sales are used to tempt customer in the appeal of these discounts. Whether a person celebrates these days or not, they are magnetised towards these markdowns.

These sale tactics do not only elevate consumerism but it also destroys the spirit of the occasion. People pay more attention on buying expensive gifts for each other and less attention to the call of day.  In this entire consumerist hullabaloo, one forgets to respect the event by accentuating the message. As for Mothers’ Day, today, most of the children visit expensive outlets and buy an expensive dress, handbag or accessory for their mothers or they will take their mothers for lunch or dinner in a renowned eatery. By doing this, they assume that they have celebrated Mothers’ day tremendously.

However, the essence of day is to make the mothers feel special. The day is celebrated so that mothers become conscious that they have a significant role to play in lives of their children. They have a fundamental role in the upbringing and education of their child. Besides all these responsibilities, Mothers’ day is celebrated to make mothers aware that their love and affection for their child is exceptionally one-off. It is celebrated to make mothers conscious of the fact that they are the most beautiful creation of God.

Therefore, this opportunity of paying tribute to beloved mothers must not be destroyed by making it a merchandising event. We must rise above the trap of consumerism and realize that our responsibility towards our mothers is much more than these branded good-buys or fancy feastings. Motherly love is a blessing of God, therefore, the tribute to this blessing must be worthless and limitless.

Writer is an English literature student and hails from Islamabad.

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