Coffee with an entrepreneur: CEO Teragrid Falak Sher Khan

Entrepreneurship is the gateway to the new world. With Pakistani youth setting up booming businesses all across the country, The Weekly Pakistan interacted with a young IT businessman, Falak Sher Khan, to get a detailed insight on his journey and get a little candid too. Falak Sher Khan is the founder and CEO of Teragrid Pvt Ltd, an IT solutions firm based in Islamabad.

The Weekly Pakistan: Tell us a little bit about your brainchild Teragrid.

Falak Sher Khan: Teragrid is a local and internationally based IT Infrastructure and System  Integration solution provider Company, delivering professional business solutions, technical support and a wide range of IT services. With units in Pakistan and Malaysia, Teragrid adds its vast experience of internationally trained engineers and work practices to business value clients through Consulting, IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Management.

The Weekly Pakistan: What are Teragrid’s diversities? Is it all strictly IT?

Falak Sher Khan: Not at all. I’m serving as a consultant engineer at Air Weapons Complex, which is administered by Pakistan Air Force. Teragrid also has a construction subsidiary company; we provide heavy machinery such as wheel loaders and excavators to clients looking for construction solutions. So there is no IT restriction; we’re adding more domains as we speak. 

The Weekly Pakistan: How does a young writer go from a budding journalist to a corporate businessman?

Falak Sher Khan: I never abandoned journalism. I still write for various publications on social issues, entrepreneurship and other subjects. During my time in the TV industry and the print media, I realized the frustrations of working under capitalistic structures; my basic aim was to build up an organization that would defy corporate attitudes. Our employees and clients are very satisfied with the relationships that we maintain at Teragrid. The second goal was to provide certified software and do my part in eradicating the curse of piracy and forgery.

The Weekly Pakistan: How has your experience been so far in the IT industry?

Falak Sher Khan: Alhamdullilah it has been very enlightening. With newer technology surfacing by the minute, it is fascinating to discover new methods and equipment and software making lives more convenient as they go. It is very refreshing to see how far we’ve come in terms of technology.

The Weekly Pakistan: You’ve been cited as an influential young entrepreneur on several occasions. Where did you find the inspiration to go on your own?

Falak Sher Khan: Like I said, the media industry pushed me towards this. With everyone around me voicing similar concerns but not doing anything to change that, I knew I had to get up. It was not easy at all; in the early years I had to face rejection, sometimes merely on the fact that I was young and inexperienced. It was frustrating and demoralizing, to be honest. I had friends and family to my support, but sitting alone for weeks and weeks together, trying to get requisitions was a very tough experience.

The Weekly Pakistan: Where do you see Teragrid in the next five years? Do you have any expansion plans?

Falak Sher Khan: Yes we’re planning on adding more domains; last year I sponsored Air Nexus hosted by Air University under the flagship of Pakistan Air Force that inspired me to expand to event management and liaisons as well. We’ll also start a few training programs ranging from entrepreneurship skills to various subjects within the IT industry.

The Weekly Pakistan: How bright are the prospects for Pakistani entrepreneurs in the IT industry with the technological boom?

Falak Sher Khan: The Pakistani IT industry has been cited as the fastest growing IT industry in the world. I agree with the statement. The possibilities for the youth in this field are endless; from procurement to development to generating new ideas. We at Teragrid encourage young people to get to work, build up the future, because the IT industry is where the fate of a successful Pakistan lies. If we equip ourselves with sufficient technology, we can contribute to a better, learned and convenient future.

Falak Sher Khan tweets at @falak_sher and Teragrid Pvt Ltd can be reached at

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