Monkeys Holding Matchbox

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

A monkey somehow resembles human beings. But only its resemblance does not mean that monkey is a wise animal. Imagine a monkey holding a matchbox and think what possible tasks he can perform with only a single match stick. Certainly he will set everything on fire. It’s because he does not know the usage of that matchbox. And the destruction caused by the fire will be unexplainable. Same is the condition with the inexperience famous personalities especially politicians in Pakistan. Political developments are not rare in any of the states but such developments in Pakistan come up with new “Pandora Box’.  A flood of tweets get started. For instance: an institution posts a tweets about an issue, a faction from politician will react towards it provoking their followers. These people mostly neglect the sensitivity of an issue even do not consider the background of the story and the context as well.

Social media brought a revolution in this world by creating awareness but the excessive and the misuse of anything becomes alarming especially when such reactions are given by those people who are considered as the guards of democracy. Even Isac Newton while discovering third law of motion “every action has a reaction” could not expect for such instant and dangerous reactions. This is not the attitude which is adopted by the mature people’ the top most condition for democracy is “patience” which is ignored by the so called guards of democracy.

This attitude reflects the definition of Aristotle for democracy which is “democracy is the mob of the people”. This impatient mob creates serious problems for themselves and for the state as well.  Twitter restricts the people to a TEXT-FIELD of 140 characters only. But these 140 characters are far enough to create a hype of non- serious issues and emerging them as a top trend.  Quoting the examples from last 4 months about many issues especially “The Panama Papers” and “Dawn Leaks” the tweets, actions and reactions were consequences and root cause for the many new issues. The most notable thing is the exchange of hot words on this social site by senior and experienced politicians.

The media cell run by the daughter of Prime Minister of Pakistan Maryum Nawaz Sharif seems very quick for the action and reaction of all kinds of issues especially when it comes about his father’s government and his policies. In the issue of “Panama papers” she even had the exchange of tweets with German journalist Brastian Obermayor. But mentioning only the name of Maryum won’t be fair enough. We also observe such responses by the other personals from famous political parties. Freedom of expression is the right of every individual but these rights should be used very wisely because they cater a large number of audiences.

The people who are followers when read such posts their perceptions definitely get changed or at least they get influenced by the words of their leaders. Relating politicians and social media especially “twitter” with monkey and mat-box does not mean disgracing them at all but the attempt was only to talk about consequences which widely effect many people. Our words are only in our control until we speak them but then they are interpreted by people and followed by them. Monkey does not know the usage of match box so it will make everything destroyed but our politician are the degree holders from prestigious institutions of the world, they should not adopt such attitude so that their words create new serious problems. Under developing countries like Pakistan cannot afford this “War Of Words” but all we need is unity. Instant feedback and reactions or even action especially about delicate issues can divide people and can be the result of tussles with many other institutions. So twitter should be used for sharing positive messages rather than a tool for creating divisions and terrible differences.

 About Author:

Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad.

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