Dil hai Pakistani

By Ramal Ijaz.

Being Pakistani is something which actually needs to be cherished. Being  Pakistani there’s something which interconnects us, bounds us. Being Pakistani there’s a strong essence of WE feeling and being Pakistani we just need a small moment like a cricket match to show our unitedness and the enthusiasm we all possess under the shadow of our Sabz Hilali Parcham :’)

There must be something very special in all Pakistani’s. The way we celebrated OUR victory deserves a round of applause. From a shoemaker to the ruling elites, each and every individual participated in this lil bundle of joy and no doubt that’s very natural but the collaboration and the bonding was just wow!

At last but not the least, the way whole Pakistan came up for a common cause, that was replying to Rishi kapoor’s tweets was just out of this world ^_^
Pakistan Zindabad!!


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