Increasing Trends for Boycotting Media Houses

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

Our childhood is full of such incidents where we used to take offense of unwanted things but became able to pursue our peer groups soon. That age is known as immature age.  Getting upset and then cheering up again is the beauty of this age. But this beauty turns into ugliest form when “setting propaganda” and “boycotting” becomes a trend only because you can’t bear criticism.  Both democracy and media of Pakistan are not mature enough.

Media got independence in 2002 after a hard struggle. Before that, they had been the victims of suppression and oppression of powerful people especially dictators and political rulers. But after 2002 they became able to highlight different issues more independently. Media persons are considered as the “ears and eyes” of any society. They write and report what they see. But we can’t deny the factors of propaganda and agenda setting which are important but different for every channel.

The problem begins when political parties start assuming that if a channel is reporting about their negative aspects, they have joined hands with their opponents. This assumption works by all political parties for different channels. Maybe this approach is a little bit true as we can’t deny about different policies adopted by different media houses. This is not vague that owners of channels show their loyalties according to their interests. It is a complicated game, more one gets indulged more he becomes confused. Considering all the above mentioning facts, politicians are more responsible for any existing issue. Whatever is shown in media, it does have an origin and a background. The story can be modified by a media person but it is not created by him.

The recent precedent set by the politicians of boycotting channels seems ridiculous. Difference of opinion and freedom of speech is the right to everyone. If politicians think that someone is trying to destroy their image by framing false stories against them and then cutting of their terms and refusing to be a part of any debate is not the solution at all. It gives them a chance to speak more boldly. The ongoing war of words harms the soft image of our  country. The channels are broadcasted not in a single state but in many parts of the worlds.

PTI can be given a credit of bringing people out of their homes but boycotting media houses and misbehaving with the workers of particular channels is also referred to them. Same is the case with ruling party PML-N.  Their terms and associations with a famous media house is not hidden for anyone. Now the question arises, instead of getting into blame game and wasting time for degrading one another, this potential and energy can be utilized for a better and than a best Pakistan. The best solution is to be a part of every debate and express your opinion. Disagree with the people where you think they are wrong and make them correct.

Politicians will get more appreciation, prestige and if they will face the issues more boldly. If they don’t have courage to face issues then they should not chant the slogans of democracy and independence of media. Tolerance and bearing criticism are the norms of democracy. We all need to get matured for the sake of improvement of our institutions and progress of our homeland because we are nothing without it.

About Author:

Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad.

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