Pout Out Loud This Eid

By Rubab Mehboob.

Eid is just around the corner which arises the questions how to carry oneself with fresh looks in this scorching heat. As summers are on its peak and eid is also near so there is no option to look dull and lethargic. This eid we will help you guys to look fresh, energetic yet beautiful and trendy. Dressing up  or getting ready for some occasion or festival is not always about branded clothes, expensive shoes, bags etc. If you are not wearing right amount and shades of make up nothing is worth nor your expensive clothes neither your shoes or bags.

When we talk about make up different things come in our mind for instance eye makeup, blush on, base soon and so forth. But most important component of makeup is lipstick. Lipstick is something which gives you complete and fresh look regardless of whether or not you have got mad makeup skills; and quick way to bring movement on your face. It’s not always about eyes sometimes, it’s about the pout. Lipsticks can be the perfect way to add an extra punch of color to your everyday look. As in summers due to sweaty face our whole getup looks tiring and stressed no matter which brand we are wearing. Everything is like melting off. Lipsticks are quick and easy to throw on,  instantly brighten in your complexion creating and effortless yet “put together” look.

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The right shade of lipstick can brighten eyes, balance features and make it look like you have really made an effort, even if all you have actually done is prod a mascara wand into your eyes a few times and thrown your hair up in a scrunchie. So let’s shortlist some summer colors of lipsticks to rock your Eid day look. Here are eight popping shades to get your summer-ready.

  1. Orangey Red

This orangey red color is the perfect summer shade because it has both warm and cool undertones, making it hue that suits array of complexions. I will give fresh and brightens look.


2. Bright Berry

Use hydrated bright berry shade of lipstick which will add beautiful shade of berry on your pout.


3. Peachy Coral

Nothing complements sun-kissed skin more than a pretty peachy shade. This shade leaves right amount of soft sheen and fresh color.


4. Bubble Pink

This beautiful bubble shade of pink gives soft pink tone to your lips. It gives natural pinky touch to your lips and brightens your pout’s natural hue.


5. Brunt Orange

If you are not in to vibrant orange shades and too shy to wear those vibrant shades of orange go for brunt orange shade,this is subtler option that looks just as cool as bright shades.


6. Creamy Coral

If you are out towards beach on Eids so here you go this color is perfect to stash in your beach bag. It gives glowing shade with regular and attractive look.


7. Soft Tangerine

If you want a more muted orange hue reach for this soft orange shade that looks stunnig on diverse skin tones.


8. Bold Coral

If you need a lipstick that lasts, opt for this color which is bold and matte coral shade. This will give you garden-fresh look throughout the day even if you didn’t get chance to refresh it.

Do not try to put whole stick on your lips. More you will keep settle, trendier you will look. Prefer matte colors in summer as glossy looks make you look like melted ice cream in this scorching heat. Keep shining and make your pout game strong this eid by trying these vibrant and fresh colors of lipsticks.

Writer is an English literature student and hails from Islamabad.

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