Highly Agitated Cases on This Eid

By Zara Mansoor.

It is a well-known fact that eid is a religious festival celebrated by the Muslims community in a tremendous way all over the world. It is a widespread occasion, venerated and admired by almost all Muslims. Muslims consider some of their events as highly praiseworthy and always try to maintain tranquility on their events but, Muslims have their rivals since the day they accepted Islam as their religion, still facing same horrific situations which they have gone through in early eras, these are some points which always restricted Muslims to prolong their placidity.

Few days before eid some alarmed cases came up that actually shook the walls of the Country badly.

Twin explosions in Parachinar hit the densely populated area on Friday evening, including 25 dead and over 100 injured.

Another suicide blast that shock Shuhada Chowk in Quetta killed 13 people and 19 were badly injured.

Amidst mourning and people mostly in a state of shock the fuel tanker explosion killed close to 160 people in Bahawalpur.

Despite this eid brought sorrows and depressions to some families still media was presenting eid celebrations. In reality not all were happy over this eid because of the happening of tragic incidents but media was exaggerating the celebrations of the occasion.

Media had introduced a new trend this eid “don’t smash your own happiness for the sake of others”. All media organizations were presenting three days eid show for the enjoyment of viewers despite of asking the people to celebrate this event in a light way because we had lost many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, but, it had totally done an opposite job.

At least PEMRA should have banned these ridiculous eid shows just to pacify decedent’s family and to show unity. It seems heartbreaking that we Muslims have no unity and we are not taking any stress because of the miseries of our Muslim fellows.

About Author:

Zara Mansoor is  student of media studies in Islamabad. She is an article writer and a blogger too. 

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