The Rise Of Pakistani Drama Industry

By Ramal Ijaz.

Pakistani dramas are seen acquiring a completely different direction. Apart from those typical Saas-Bahu serials, the messages theses dramas are now portraying through their visual acts are simply out of this world and no doubt they’re leaving a strong and huge impact in everyone’s life. A woman is now seemed to be more powerful, more passionate after these dramas, as they’ve given them the courage and strength to speak up for themselves. Children are much aware of the happenings around and take every step with care. While talking about the male society, there’s a prominent change seen in them as well, they’re now more open minded with respect to granting permission for completing studies and doing jobs to their females and they are now seen working to end the patriarchy and the negativity of feudalism.

Dramas like Udaari, Sammi and Yakeen ka safar are highly needed to highlight the major problems the society is facing. These dramas are not only changing people’s mind but also their perspective regarding important and major issues, plus these dramas are also asking the masses to spread the word around to root the problems and issues out!!

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