Islam and Terrorism

By Barrister Muhammad Hassan Idrees.

Combat arenas to UN, echo of terrorism is surging regardless of the sermons of its extermination. Deployment of militaries, lethal international laws and impulsive orates seem unhandy for the reason that its foments are yet to be unveiled. Wrath of terrorism is detrimental for humanity nevertheless, it is subversive for the conception of Islam. Despite the fatalities, a counterfeited amalgamation of terrorism to Islam divulges its clandestine target. A strayed Muslim cohort takes the responsibility of terrorism which unleashes each tongue to bash on Islam. It is nothing but an intrigue to besmirch Islam which is purge from this contaminated terrorism but being deprived to evince its innocence. Terrorism is slaying Muslims with an unprecedented brutality, self-made guardians of humanity are leaving no stone unturned to impose all liabilities on Islam. Employed militants are paying back each cent by using the slogans of Islam even in trampling the mosques. Indeed, combustion of terrorism is perilous to humans nonetheless, it is thought-provoking to the ethos of Islam. Instead of interceding in the communal battles exalted empires are taking it as a befitting venture to sell armours. Silence of monks is ignominious as the negative role of disguised scholars. It is an unanimously implemented cannon that beneficiary of the crime is the one to start investigation however, the investigation of terrorism is hauling towards victims which is sufficient to understand why terrorism is affluent.

Employed militants can impart numerous reasons to revile on Islam but to flee from its ironed principles is beyond anyone’s control. Tagging Islam with terrorism might be rejoicing for some but injunctions of Islam are rueful for them because it dismantles itself from everything which is immoral. A negligible knowledge of Islam ignites ample illumination to comprehend that it revolves around humanity. On the behest of an anti-Islam lobby the butchers of humanness are getting stipends for prosecuting Islam on terrorism. Ingression to Islam is conditioned, proclamation of the greatness of Almighty and indebtedness to abide its sanctions. Entire life of starving and insomniac nights of deification will go in vain if appetite of your neighbour doesn’t bother you. Kaaba which is at the top in the roaster of devout places, placed behind the incest of mankind notwithstanding of believes, races, sects and nationalities. Contemplations about the insights of Muslims regarding humanity infuriating as Islam is enriched in the accustoms of civilisation. Love and war bestows justification of everything in your civilisation whereas Islam constraints its combatants to be vigilant as it will be enquired in resurrection if even a tree is wrecked purposelessly.

Muslims are obliged to visit a patient and attend a funeral. Prophet (PBUH) disowns them who are not compassionate to toddlers and impolite to elders. Terrorism is vehemently condemned by Islam even though blaming Islam for terrorism is fatal. Executioners of innocents are the dogs of perdition avowed by Prophet (PBUH). Humanity speaks with volumes in Islam as a slave of Prophet (PBUH) can stand at the top of Kaaba and nails it, Islam is all about humanness. Muslim conquer owed to protect the rights of animals as Umar R.A stated, I will be questioned if a dog will die because of thirst. No one can believe on this propaganda apart from an idiot that Islamic believes can tolerate terrorism. Let’s come out of the rancour of Islam and arraign the actual financers and handlers of terrorism. Terrorism is equally perilous to the dwellers of any place of the world. Thus, retaliation to terrorism must come from entire mankind without any distinction of ideology and nationality. It is engraved on the rock that Islam will play the role of spearhead in the annihilation of terrorism.

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