Death Anniversary Of Burhan Wani

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

It was a dark evening of 8th July 2016 when a young leader and a freedom fighter for the innocent people of Kashmir was assassinated in a police encounter. Burhan, a 22 years old young man was determined to bring the helpless people of Kashmir out of the oppression and suppression of the Indian military. He was very popular among the people especially for criticizing Indian policies on social media and became an inspiration for many youngsters to make them free from the shackles of Indian occupation.

Existing government was highly concerned by his boldness. They finally decided to get rid of their problem and assassinated him in a police encounter which started at 4:30pm and ended at 6:15pm. Burhan was accused of being militant and was declared as a terrorist by India. No one could predict the consequences of this coward step.

The news of Burhan’s death spread as a fire all across the world. It was very shocking. Kashmiris were overwhelmed with grief and all eyes were full of tears. Kashmir was colored red by every drop of his blood. A daring lion was now sleeping eternally who became a strength of all freedom fighters. Killing him was similar for Indian Army to dig their own grave. A series of protests started that ended in violence and the worst bloodshed. A massive number of crowd came out for protesting against this killing and to make their voice even stronger.

Hundreds of innocent people were killed by cruel Indian Forces and thousands of them became injured. Internet provision was cut down and a curfew was imposed. Still brave Kashmiris kept on struggling for their great cause of Independence from the occupation of Kashmir and against their appalling cruelties. For the first time this massive movement of people and worst aggression and inhumane acts by Indian military were shown by International media. Many social media activists and other social workers became reactive.

The voice of Kashmir got echoed everywhere. Blood of Burhan ignited the flame of “desire of independence” into fire and India itself became a prey of it. Prime minister of Pakistan showed his concerns and called Burhan a martyr. COAS stated “Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan”. Other Islamic and Non-Islamic countries also showed their concerns on human killings.

Now one year has passed but the thirst of the Kashmiris is still at its highest place. They are fighting back and are optimistic that the sun will certainly rise bringing them fruits of their patience. Getting freedom is their right which is according to the Charter given by UN. No one can deter them for getting it. Burhan will remain alive not only in our hearts but in history.



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Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad.

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