JIT Report & “The End” of Nawaz Sharif’s Politics

By Obaid ur Rehman.

JIT jolted house of Sharifs when the day finally arrived which whole nation was anxiously waiting for. After 60 days of rigorous and precise investigations, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), formed to probe the money trail of ruling Sharif family’s offshore properties, submitted its final report to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. JIT has found all claims by Sharif Family as wrong and their documents as fake. Contrary to the claims of entire PMLN leadership, Maryam Nawaz has been found as the Beneficial Owner of Nielson and Nescoll Companies. The report has given another shock to PMLN followers showing that JIT has also discovered another offshore company owned by Nawaz Sharif.

Recommending Apex Court to file a Criminal Reference against the Prime Minister and his children under NAB Ordinance, JIT report has said that Nawaz Sharif and his children have failed to produce satisfactory evidence to prove their innocence in the offshore companies’ allegations against them. JIT has declared Nawaz Sharif and his children guilty in hiding their assets and presenting fake documents in Supreme Court as well. No authentic money trail was presented by the Sharif Family and that the evidence submitted by Nawaz Sharif’s cousin Tariq Shafi has also been declared as fake by the JIT as UAE Government found no record of any transaction.

With this JIT report, dark clouds are hovering over Nawaz Sharif and the signs of darkest hour are appearing for him. The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif seems pretty much obvious now, because what JIT has presented in its report, it has become way too justified for Supreme Court to disqualify Nawaz Sharif from holding a public office. On the other end, Nawaz Sharif once again is not giving his resignation inspite of this JIT report that has exposed him. Nawaz Sharif has always gone for the collision with system in his several tenures. Inspite of this huge blow given by JIT, Nawaz Sharif has yet again decided to challenge the report. What could be more prominent about his lies, corruption and conflicting statements of his children, than the facts and findings of JIT report?

In short, Joint Investigation Team has completely exposed all the lies of Nawaz Sharif and his children. Nation must salute JIT members who stood like rock against all the odds and performed their task exceptionally well. Credit must be given to them for their bravery and for showing this nation a complete background of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption which he had been doing for around 30-35 years. Supreme Court has now two options, either to directly disqualify Nawaz Sharif or to file a criminal reference against Nawaz Sharif and his children under NAB Ordinance. There are quite greater chances that SC will directly disqualify Nawaz Sharif as the JIT was constituted by SC itself, and that SC also won’t trust National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to take any action against Sharif Family.

Nawaz Sharif in pursuit of saving his premiership has lost all the moralities, dignity and respect. In last couple of weeks, the nation has witnessed the ruling party or rather the ruling family wandering here and there and getting reduced to the last stages of frustration and desperation. The nervousness and fear was clearly visible on the faces of Sharif Family and Federal Ministers who were finding a no way out from the whole scenario and were going beyond the limits by using immoral language & threatening JIT in their press briefings. The inside stories were quite prominent on their faces after their appearances before JIT, and now the nation has seen through the obstacles of JIT that how Nawaz Sharif and his family have looted the people of Pakistan and laundered money for establishing their own wealth and kingdom.

On the other end, Imran Khan was enjoying the beautiful nature in Nathiagali doing exercises, ultimately providing his opponents more other reasons to get frustrated by watching him stretching his strong muscles. All praises and credits to Imran Khan for not letting this issue fade out from the eyes of media and keeping it alive. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) termed Panama Case a waste of time; PMLN termed it as politics only, but it was Imran Khan and his PTI who made them cry by keeping this issue alive and young.

Now, the ship of God-Father’s corruption is sinking and the King Nawaz Sharif is in trouble. His family was thinking that their kingdom is untouchable, but now their horrible past is catching them and chasing them in a manner they could not have visualized and thought even in their scariest dreams. Thanks to ICIJ, Imran Khan led PTI, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad and Siraj-ul-Haq for standing for this deprived nation and giving us a hope that the superiors and kings of our country can also be held accountable.

The wrong directions sketched by PMLN leadership have also made Nawaz Sharif to suffer a lot. It was appropriate if Nawaz Sharif had opted to resign after the JIT report atleast but his spineless ministers have always misguided him. Despite Shahbaz Sharif’s and Chaudhary Nisar’s suggestions of stepping down and appointing new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s greed for his premiership didn’t lessen. He is again repeating the history but this time, there will be a no way out for his survival. He is getting himself into a quicksand from where he won’t ever be able to drag himself out.

Nawaz Sharif, his family and PMLN ministers have been defending one king since Panama revelations raised high tides in world’s politics. When they saw a no way out, then suddenly a couple of Qatari Letters appeared in the form of an only Money Trail of Sharif Family. Until then, Nawaz Sharif has never ever discussed about any Qatari Prince in his speeches on the floor of Parliament and while addressing to the nation. To every question, they had only one answer and that was Qatari Letter.

Now when Supreme Court started hearing the case and then JIT started probing the matter, then no record of any transfer of money was found on behalf of Qatari Letter. Instead JIT brought verified and official statements of Ministry of Justice, United Arab Emirates denying all the claims of Nawaz Sharif. JIT also came up with the proofs by British Virgin Islands stating that Maryam Nawaz is the Beneficial Owner of Avenfield Apartments. This is how you show the actual proofs and verified documents, JIT taught Sharif Family in an exceptionally perfect way.

The language used against JIT members and the threats given to them by PMLN leadership speak the mind and words of Nawaz Sharif. Nehal Hashmi tops the list, followed by Talal Chaudhary, Abid Sher Ali, Asif Kirmani, Daniyal Aziz, Khawaja Asif and Khawaja Saad Rafique, who have crossed all the limits of immorality. The frustration expressed by them has made it further difficult for Nawaz Sharif to come out of this situation and now he has gone that too far from where there is no way back home.

We are now witnessing probably the end of PMLN era, particularly of Nawaz Sharif and family. Obviously the party won’t disappear completely but it will soon have a downfall just like Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had a fall from grace. PPP didn’t disappear completely but its power has been squeezed and narrowed down to a very little area. More or less, similar situation will be faced by PMLN in upcoming future. Just when the Sharif Family and PMLN were sure that they had a secure future of corruption having no accountability, a thunderbolt from the skies by Almighty Allah struck them and shattered them into pieces. When the greed of wealth pursued with the help of political power becomes your aim of life, then such thunderbolts strike.

The Sharif Family had become completely blind to see the forthcoming destruction right in front of them. But Panama Leaks, ICIJ and then JIT Report have been proved as worst possible nightmares for Nawaz Sharif, his family and PMLN as a whole. Money had always very influential meaning in politics, but how to keep on filling one’s own pockets for more than 30 years that too without having fear of any institution, Sharif Family can teach it better than anyone else. I feel pity for PMLN supporters who still support Nawaz Sharif and do not disown his corruption, specifically after JIT report consisting of solid and authentic proofs and evidence. I wish for their broader mind and pray to Allah to enlighten their heart with the love of Pakistan only.

A journey from General Zia to Wajid Zia is coming to an end, journey having massive stories of corruption and scandals. Under the current consequences, the political survival of Nawaz Sharif is apparently looking next to impossible, having said that if our institutions work with honesty and sincerity. The only possible way for Nawaz Sharif to escape from the quicksand of JIT report and the whole scenario is to stop looking for various escape plans, resign and appear before nation for complete accountability. More he will try to opt different possibilities, more he will collide with reckless counter situations, which will ultimately lead him to die a political death.

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The writer is Islamabad based Research Analyst / Content Writer / Media Person and is currently pursuing his M. Phil. Degree in Media Studies from Bahria University Islamabad. He writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports and can be reached at;


One thought on “JIT Report & “The End” of Nawaz Sharif’s Politics

  • July 12, 2017 at 11:05 am

    I think we must still wait for the decision of Supreme Court and its to early to say The End of Nawaz Sharif Politics.

    First of all lets discuss Imran Khan who took the Panama case to the Supreme Court whereas he himself is involved in Toheen e Adalat (Contempt of Court) case secondly Asif Zardari who was involved in Swiss cases but he was President till he completed his tenure.

    We awam (public) overall are corrupt who purchase a land, build a house of 4-5 floors & rent it out, we don’t pay tax of the rented amount collected. We travel in rickshaw & taxi and even in buses but we don’t get any receipt from the rickshaw, taxi or bus drivers they are also not paying tax and there are so many other small corruption involved in our daily life obviously our leaders will be corrupt so we cannot blame the leaders we have to changed ourselves only then we will be able to select & vote a pure patriotic leader for our country.

    People are so innocent or lets say maybe bias that they are happy with the end of political career of Nawaz Sharif but our country is suffering from many other disasters recently stock market is decreasing, land grabbing mafia will be activated once again, street crime will increase in Karachi, target killing, kidnapping and extortion will arise. Today because of him cricket in alive in Pakistan but people don’t know how to do analysis they simple follow the fashion which is common nowadays.


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