An Immorally Moral

By Kamal Saeed.

The moral question becomes more jeopardizing when get ourselves in onto this territory, Pakistan- the land of pure. Every faction has their silhouettes of morality and the most pernicious prospect of all morality is reckoned with teeming others immoral. To put in simple calculus, we adjudge ourselves good or decent not on the ground upon what is upright but on the grounds of seeing other being villainous.

If you happen to have a conversation with N-league supporter or PTI supporter and if you ask him why he/she accepts his/her respective parties as authority, you would have a bolt from the blue as you would hear the person who follow his party will not have any significance of morality rather there would be a criticism on others. PTI’s supporters support Imran Khan because they consider Nawaz Sharif an repugnant choice the N-league does the same in vice versa. The simple philosophy for sanctification is to know other’s flaws. Sadly there is not common grounds for being good or evil.

From political giants to Mullahism, from academic professionals to medical experts, from civil servants to army-commissioned personnel, from graduates of LUMS to post-graduates of FATA, from engineers to IT professionals, from TV anchors to senior editors, from journalists to book writers, from teachers to students, from low-wagers to business tycoons, from an ordinary vendor to a departmental store located in push area, from drivers to machine operators, from farmers to industrialists and from super monopolists to super opportunists every segment is culprit of this society’s downfall. No one appears to be doing its’ absolute justice to what is supposed. We have a set of things to do not on what is to be done rather what appears to be good to our sweet self.

It strikes and surprises when your hear our PM measuring the the pace of growth on the price of potatoes, CM KPK inking deals of donkeys with the Chinese officials, ex-CM Balochistan legitimizing any degree be it fake or accredited, or ex- CM Sindh reprehending the gruesome murder of Farid Sabri with Junaid Jamshed amid Pakistan actual issues remains untouched.

We assume the goods not according to the principles of goods but according to our impulses. Look hard around yourself what the damn heck is going on. One can understand the level how much we have lowered ourselves as the abusive language, the hurling of baseless damaging accusations, and the mocking of opponents have already been accepted. Ironically this is done in the name of upholding morality.

The recent findings of JIT against Sharifs have shown the strata of morality of sitting prime minister apart from other affairs to have been given an eye at it. Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson relinquished after appearance of his name in Panama Leaks. Ukrainian PM was forced, Spanish industrial minister step down, other key figures including FIFA ethics committee chairman, ABN Amro bank chairman went on the dusty trail but on high moral highway as their status was questioned.

We Pakistanis are a bit hard and harsh at times on N-league as Imran Khan is absconder in the documents but he is never disliked. We have been duplicitous as when we talk about morality we frame others to doing the particular moral code as we put ourselves an exceptional entity.

There is another substandard for being moral. We give reverence to any bearded person wearing Kurta, Pagrhi put on head, Tasbih in hands, Maswak in front pocket to 60pc without having any clue of him whatsoever. The stated formula goes anti-clock wise on the person clean shaved or wearing jeans or pantalon. We attribute moralities to attire.

Pakistan stands five hours ahead from GMT UK but lays five centuries behind in moralities. We need to invest in knowledge-economy and social sector. Only pragmatic and rational thinking should be given a way over dogmatic and pontifical narrative.

About Author:

Kamal Saeed is a poet, a writer, from Karak mastered in English literature, have a yearning to join civil services. And yes he has  authored his own book ‘The Inspiring Way”.

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