A Person Who Planted Ascendence

By Kamal Saeed.

For a human character to reveal truly exceptional qualities it must be devoid of all egoism, it motive to be unparalleled generosity, absolutely certain of no recompense and to leave a visible mark on earth.

They say victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan but this person has knocked the said saying over by her constant labour, her indomitable passion, hard-fought toiling and her mortering nerves which were at times banged but she held them altogether.

Sana Gul, hailing from Karak-one of the remotest districts of KP- today has mastered in English Literature and Linguistics with flying colours to have situated herself for silver medal. The success story was not about her teachers’ quality teaching, her parantage’s constant support and her belief in herself but the story demystify what was thought insipid and tiring for woman-folk.

An irony is we are not orientated to sing ballads of such figures, we sing songs for those who got enormous reputation so in a sense we are prejudiced to praise figures or things worth a praise. Reputation and remaining oblivion is totally in the hands of God Almighty as He(SWT) himself declares giving repu or oblivion is in my disposal but the alarming facts remains alarming with our irrational and prejudiced approach to un consider such figures who hardly comes across our eyes frequently.

Napoleon had once said all famous men are served by their fortune but it is otherwise with the firm Sana Gul who refuted Napoleon saying as well. Since from the word go it was all gloomy for her but she was never gloomy-Gus as she has always believed in own sincerity to the cause and commitment to the purpose. Her efforts is making her nervy despite the fact it was timid.

It started with a little hope in her bossom to summit what appeared to be a mere rêverie. She had a burning desire to make her presence felt. In her early days of education, she found her in tumult of filth thanks largely to our social schism and our moral values. The tiring knot before us how to make a civilised conversation with a teenager or a fair looking lady. To be candide, our social fabric has stooped to the level where they try to nibble ladies wherever they are seen. Our customs and convictions do not throw cold water on this exercising- the most tragic part of all the picture.

The little girl actualized a virtually impossible work to be carried on in the upcoming years. Masses around her would used to transgress her off and on but she only eyed on her goal because she was to finance her family- an aged father, over the hill mother and a lone brother who has been dealing with serious diseases. This girl made out her perusing of education could turn the tables.

Apart from her this remarkable achievement she has been studying Fiqah from a Jamia for ladies in her hometown and she is doing a fantastic work to have cleared two years nice and breazy to stamp her excellencies and to embellish her credentials of exalt.

When you remember this all this sprung from the hands and the soul of a girl, without technical resources, you understand this girl could be as effectual as one can think of in other realms. When I reflect this girl, armed with only physical power and moral resources, was able to cause this spectacular performance, I am convinced that in spite of everything humanity is admirable. But when I compute the unfailing greatness of spirit and the tenacity of benevolence that it must have taken to achieve this result, I am taken with an immense respect for this girl- Sana Gul.

About Author:

Kamal Saeed is a poet, a writer, from Karak mastered in English literature, have a yearning to join civil services. And yes he has  authored his own book ‘The Inspiring Way”.

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