Revamping Education System

By Hina Tariq.

Getting education is one of the basic and fundamental rights of every individual. Quality education is not only important for personal grooming but is also linked with the progress and prosperity of the country. In Pakistan, where other issues need to be addressed; the issues related to education system need rectification on urgent basis. These include allocation of funds, recruitment of teachers, designing of curriculum, educational policies formulation, execution and implementation, attendance of teaching staff, provision of facilities required to assist students etc.

While the above issues are of concern, there is one issue which is of high importance but remain neglected; this is the mushrooming growth of educational boards. These boards are playing a destructive role in the lives of students; undermining their ability in attaining their desired goals.

These boards are also vying with each other for making money. Each of these boards, give its student extraordinary marks to be in the competition, avoiding the future consequences related to this approach. Due to this, students consider themselves cent percent capable when they sit in any competitive examination and their results speak volume about the inaccuracy and ineptitude of the function of the system and in this way the whole system becomes stymie.

Most of the youth gets dishearten and remain unemployed.This unemployment, when couples with inflation give rise to stagflation, which is even more disastrous. This condition then demands government to play its role in such a way that it would have a trickledown effect. It ,then must be handled sincerely. But in case of Pakistan, where politicians are busy in stretching their political muscles, nursing grudging against one another and blame-game then important issues like revamping and reforming education system remain unattended.

It is the need of the hour for all the concerned authorities to play their part to address the issues of high concern.Firstly; the number of all boards operating in a single province must be merged into a single board to stop the mushrooming culture of board production in every nook and cranny. Secondly; the vigilant staff must be made unbiased and corruption free and if someone is found guilty of any malpractice during examination and assisting the students for personal gains must be punished, and it should be made exemplary to thwart any such incident in future.

Thirdly; there should be made a complaint cell to register complaints during examination period and proper action must  be taken against culprits. Fourthly; there must be made a scrupulous inspection of the schools to know about the environment and working conditions of the school as well as of the teachers. Fifthly; an “objective type” paper system is needed to be introduced instead of “subjective type “for grasping the to-the-point but exact answer from students.

Sixthly; the fee structure of private schools must be lowered down and the condition of government schools should be improved so, that the maximum lot can take benefit from the blessing of education. Seventhly; the introduction of rechecking system should also be made compulsory before announcing results to clear any doubts about them.

(Eighth); the practice of cramming must be stopped and discouraged at an early age, so, that the students from the very beginning learn to know how to think analytically instead of relying on ready-made material. This will also help in understanding the real things by thinking and pondering and also the effects will be long-lasting as compared to cramming.

Ninthly; there must be proper arrangement for extracurricular activities like sports, journalism, arts, music and dramas to keep the students healthy, fit and motivated. These activities will also teach them time management, building self- esteem and confidence, teamwork, cooperation and leadership traits.

Tenthly; corporal punishment should totally be banned to save students from any type of humiliation, because due to this, students, not only loose interest in studies but it also affects their psyche. (Eleventh); a system of giving incentives to teachers and students must be introduced on the basis of their performance and build their self-confidence. Twelfth; there must be made a uniform system of education to save the society from further divides and disparities.

The above are some of the suggestions, which need to be implemented. The politicians and concerned authorities must keep their differences aside and work collaboratively to find potential in its youth because it is the only way we can refuse to hold to the crutches of foreign aid. For this, self reliance is the only way which can steer the wheel of progress to the road of stability and sustainability.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education”

Matin Luther King,Jr.

About Author:

Hina Tariq has done in Environmental sciences from University of Peshawar. She is CSS aspirant also. She has interest in Political, Social and Environmental issues.

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