Gender Inequality

By Sadaf Afridi.

It is the 21st century, can be called as modern period, still every person wants to have a baby boy and if a girl is born, they cut their wings and make them unable to fly. So inequality starts with the birth of Allah ki rehmat (girl).

Females make more than 50% of the population of pakistan. In this modern world they are still deprived of their basic rights. By not providing them the opportunities and facilities to participate in all sectors of life. We have failed to get the talent and skills of a major part of our population and it has resulted in huge economic losses. Gender inequality is not only an issue of pakistan but almost every part of the world is facing this issue. Not only females, in some cases males also face gender inequality all around the world but the main victim of this issue is female.

We hear many people who say that they believe in gender equality but when it comes to show, then they fail to turn their words into actions. About 50 percent of girls drop out of school and our literacy rate for women is amongst the lowest in the world.

Lets bring a change and give equal opportunities to females in all departments and government also have to reserve more seats for females, which will result in betterment of our economy and society as well.


One thought on “Gender Inequality

  • July 25, 2017 at 10:23 am

    I appreciate your topic but I have 20 years of experience working in many local & multinational banks during these 20 years I have observed that Men will always be a Men no matter whatever condition or situation it is but women are classified into different category, if a woman is divorced her behavior will be totally different, if a woman is widow her behavior will be totally different from another women, if she is single and recently got married her behavior will at once change with her colleagues, if she is single and she is having a relationship her behavior will be different, if she is married and having a kid she will be different her responsibilities will be different, if she is single and not in relationship and not getting any proposal she will behave something totally unexpected anytime, a girl sitting at home watching her friends going to office she will also behave something unique, religious women will hesitate talking to a male due to non-mehram. In our country girls/women are confused between RELIGION, MEDIA & SOCIETY (Maashra).


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