Maryam Nawaz; A Fall Before Rise

By Ehsan Ullah Khan.

A fall before rise might sound like caricature or a blunt literary blunder. The same way one can’t put a cart before a horse, nothing can fall before it has risen. But anyhow, a fall before rise is in the offing. The Panama issue is raging on and it is implausible that the Sharifs would successfully bear the brunt of further judicial bludgeonings. They might crumble and get convicted. The ensuing consequences and repercussions would be harsh, but for one of the concerned, Maryam Nawaz to be exact, they might prove horrible.

Maryam Nawaz was one of the last but not the least, in a long list of Sharifs to bag the dubious honor of appearing before the Joint Investigation Team. She followed her brothers’ suit, who also appeared before the same team many times, fulfilling their part of the ongoing investigation. But unlike her brothers’, her appearance was peculiar. It became a precursor for hot debate and even engendered a plethora of hashtags, ranging from #PanamaQueen to #DakuRani. She also brought with herself, along with the State Minister for Information, almost half of the Sharif family, to the JIT secretariat and arrived with an ostentatious entourage. A seemingly defiant appearance before the JIT – which can now be construed as shamelessly defiant in hindsight – boosted her to the acme of her political career. With the already maximised role that she played in party affairs, it seemed for a time, vivid and clear, possible and plausible, that she will lay claim to the PML-N top spot soon as her father got bored with cronyism and corruption disguised as government and governance. But now, in light of the JIT report, that might prove a pipe dream.

The Feminine face of PML-N is accused of document forgery. Unluckily for her, she just happen to be too hip and up to date for this part of the world, or perhaps the whole world as the font, that was used to type the documents, was not available to general public at that time. The font related nature of her crime-to-be has given the accusation the appellation of Font Gate.

And it is highly unlikely that she will concoct some thaumaturgical way to circumvent conviction. Even in a parallel universe, if the Apex court cut her some slack, her image is tarnished to the extent of notoriety.

She can’t pull herself up by her own bootstraps, the clutches of this gross infamity would keep on pushing her down for the rest of her political career.

Maryam Nawaz has fallen before she could truly rise. At this point in time, one might expect Younger Brother to exhibit expediency and propound his own Scion, if he doesn’t want him to play second fiddle to a toothless Tigress in the future. But that would take some courage, on part of the servile and docile Shehbaz, to put the case forward, for a dormant and quiescent Hamza Shahbaz.

But the whole PML-N boat is rocking and it’s not in a position to weather another storm, especially one from within. So for now, Younger Brother might exercise patience and prudence, but who knows what the future holds?

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