US-Korea Missile Predicament

By Izhar Hussain.

The North Korea is in a maniacal pursuit of nukes. So far, in this year the country has fired 17 missiles during 11 tests. The recent Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) deserves special mention here, which raised spectre of nuclear war between US and North Korea, as latter’s all tests has been aimed at former. In this tension-ridden time, neither vitriolic polemics nor coercive steps would solve the problem but would aggravate the situation further. This situation is no different than that of Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the countries were on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. But, under the wise leadership of then US President John F. Kennedy, the situation was salvaged. President Kennedy would not listen to the establishment and always lambasted military leaders whenever they advised him to resort to war. On one occasion President Kennedy said:

“The first thing I’m going to tell my successor is to watch the generals, and to avoid feeling that just because they were military men, their opinions on military matters were worth a damn.”

Now, instead of engaging in a deadly game of political brinkmanship, President Donald Trump must learn the arts of leadership from his forerunner to avoid any future conflagration. Because History has witnessed that soft power is always a better option than hard power. Here an adage goes well, “Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.”

About Author:

Izhar Hussain is Mechanical engineer by profession and an aspirant to CSS, and has a strong interest in International politics and environmental issues.

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