Pakistan’s PM Gets Disqualified

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

Provision of justice especially against elites in Pakistan has always been similar to invading the entire world.  If we look at the glimpse of the old decade, nothing is there except for mourning on the verdicts given by the courts. In the Past, courts have made tremendous decisions but other factions especially political leaders have easily undermined them.  These situations consequently made people of Pakistan hopeless. It is the right time to move forward, to develop hope and trust.

This time it was a high profile case of the public office holder, PM of Pakistan.  He was accused of hiding assets, having offshore companies and corruption. First time this information got leaked on the website of ICIJ.  Instantly PM of Pakistan rejected this story emphasizing he does have all the money trails and sources and denied the allegations. His other close friends, family members and party members noisily rejected all the claims shown in Panama Papers. A sudden hype was created in results of Panama Papers. The rival opposite party PTI to the ruling party PML-N Led a massive movement, including protest and demanded for investigations. After a lot of hurdles the hearing of this case got started in the most prestigious institution of Pakistan, Supreme Court.

It was conducted under a five member bench.  After initial hearing two members clearly passed a verdict stating PM is no more honest and loyal,ordering to disqualify him. Other three members formed a JIT and ordered for further investigation and to find answers of the 13 questions posed by the Supreme judiciary. Morally Nawaz Sharif should have resigned then but he along with his party members kept on denying claims and chanting lie upon lie.  JIT after completing their work in 60 days submitted a report confirming PM did not fall on the criteria of article 62 and 63. Again a new hearing got started and all the objections were heard by the three member bench. This time again nothing new came to the view. Finally Supreme Court announced the verdict they passed and disqualified PM. SC Ordered to frame references against his two sons and daughter, his political successor Maryam Nawaz .this news spread like a fire because it is a historic decision for that country which has a clear history of being surrounded by wrong influences. This time PM was compelled to step down from his office.  This verdict is indeed a beacon of light for the upcoming justice related events.

Some of the people were hopeless but majority was expecting for a just decision which will set a direction. In developed and true democratic countries, public office holders resign from their posts even on little corruption charges but here a person was caught red handed by having assets beyond means.  Still he hoped for a safer option. But justice prevailed.  This needs to get expanded across the board. This is not the end but a new beginning.

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Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad.

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