Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

About 70 years ago, a country which was named as Pakistan came into being. The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah struggled very hard to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent after realizing it is important for the safeguard of all kinds of rights of the Muslims.  These are the things we all have been studying and listening from the very first days of our schools. We have memorized the history but did we ever try to feel sacrifices made by our ancestors? Did we ever bother to understand the true meaning of the creation of this homeland? Are we the people of words or people of action? Do we truly follow the golden principles of our founder? Do we run all the affairs of our country considering the true spirit of Islam? Answer to all these questions are disappointing.

Many countries came into existence after the creation of Pakistan and today they are recognized as dignified states and we are still a third world country depending on world bank and IMF in spite of  being rich in all kind of natural resources. Question arises here is, who is responsible? And the simple answer is “We are all”. From a politician to a common man every individual has played a role whether negative or positive and the prevailing conditions of the country are not hidden. These are the true reflection of our priorities. Unity, faith and discipline are merely written on the walls of buildings and in books but they have nothing to do with matters of our daily lives.

Quaid could never imagine that the worst corrupts will be holding public offices. Students, his hope, are on the verge of killing one another on the name of political parties for minor disputes. Democracy only means, rule of mob on ignorant people. Where only a few women are working like Fatima Jinnah but most of them are used as a symbol of fashion. Still they are killed on the name of honor. The so called guardians of religion are lustering their interests by fooling people.  Quaid wanted a Pakistan where people could lead their lives freely according to the principles of Islam and true democratic norms. People would work selflessly. The rights of minorities would be protected. Where leaders would work for the welfare of common people not their so called lords. Truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, loyalty and hard work will sparkle from the way of living of people.

Today, we all need to think seriously for where we all are standing. We need to set our direction. Otherwise time does wait for anyone, we should not wait for time when our names will only be written in history but we should create histories. The people of Pakistan are second to none. Let’s promise on this Independence Day that we will work beyond our caliber to make our country a prosperous one.

About Author:

Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad.

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