Maneuvering the Political Dynasty

By Marwa Mehboob.

One thing that we have learnt from the history is that we have not learnt anything at all from it.

I won’t be wrong if I relate this saying with the political hotpot of our country. The ingredients required for the political harmony have been used in an excessively devastating form which has lead to a state where there is no law to regulate the regulators who have the vast authority with little accountability.

Decision on Panama made by the honorable judges by the supreme body of justice has undoubtedly created an environment of trust amongst the institutions. The justice seems to have taken charge of those political parasites which have controlled the country according to their own devilish desires under the garb of political liberty. The elusive redressal for their commissions have been exposed by the determination and clean intent of Imran Khan. This undaunted spirit of PTI’s chairman has not only unearthed the politicians plunder and their violation of constitutional spirit but has also allowed the voices to be heard especially of those looters and unscrupulous shareholders of the political hotpot of this country.

These unpunished politicians, bureaucrats have been enjoying the privileges of their kingship since long. Establishing the concept of effective governance to harness checks and balances have not been in their agenda which has lead to the unavoidable econonmical instability and has opened various fault lines thereby enabling the enemies of the state to wage a war both conventional and unconventional against it.

These culprits who are the God Father of corruption are unaware of the fact that each time we repeat the mistakes of history, the price tag becomes higher resulting into a more impetuous fate. But of course the state of being intoxified for those in power has no limit. These pretentious individuals carry out the political game in a way which apparentaly gives a democratic outlook thus keeping the real picture in a defused form.

Our nation has been witnessing the formula of Let’s Loot Together for almost 70 years now. The major stakeholders are PMLN and PPP. Both the political parties have been involved in destabilizing the political culture in the country and has allowed the military intervention many a times in the history only because of the lack of political credibility which they have bot been able to form up since the birth of this nation.

In recent past we have seen our judiciary and a tough opposition in shape of PTI who has made all possible efforts to break this continuous  rule of political dynasty. This war against the looters and plunderers who have cheated the system and have finally been tagged with Sicilian Mafia are now finding ways to escape from the crook’s trap. It’s time that they should realize the fact, that this is one race where there are no winners only losers and is this the culture they want to live with or leave behind for their generations.

 Marwah Mehboob writes on social and political issues and is a media analyst. She can be reached at Twitter; @marwahmehboob

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