Politics on Dengue Fever

By Sajjad Hussain Durrani.

The epidemic dengue fever was broken out for the first time on large scale in 2010 in Punjab but no special measures were taken by the provincial government and it came back more strongly in 2011. More than 15000 cases of dengue fever were registered and approximately 300 people lost their lives that year. Blaming a government for an outbreak like this is not justified, the more you could do is to run an awareness campaign to educate the people about how to protect themselves and if someone is suffering then how to tackle with the fever.

It took some three and half years for Punjab Government to reduce the frequency of dengue patients. Few cases are reported every year now but the overall situation is quite satisfactory as compared to past. I heard about the eruption of this disease in an area of Peshawar a couple of days ago. The most painful news was to know about the 5 people who lost their lives. I then observed that the health department took a number of measures and stared facilitate the patient. It was obvious that the number of affected people will increase because that attack was in the very initial and strong phase.

Government of Punjab offered it’s services to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government but they thanked them and said that they will let them know if they need their services. The health minister made his efforts to educate as well as to cure the patients. It takes a little bit of time to pinpoint the affected areas and reach them but in the meantime we heard that Punjab government has sent a team of 25 doctors lead by the Punjab health minister and the advisor to Prime Minister, Ameer Muqam. Helping someone in distress is a good gesture but playing filthy politics on such a sensitive issue is not a healthy political culture.

Few Federal ministers and a few Punjab government ministers started criticising the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government in a time when they are passing through the difficult time. The government of PML-N is unable to provide electricity to these backward areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but is able to reach them to get a political mileage. They are unable to do their job but are ready to perform someone else’s job because this is the way they can make someone dirty. The health facilities are not very outstanding but they have improved over the last 4 years.

There is immense need for betterment but we should also focus on our job. This act of Punjab government is setting a bad trend and is somehow an interference in the others work. They took years to fight the dengue mosquito, on the other hand they started politics on such a sensitive issue and that too in its very first week. Every organisation has its limits and responsibilities and all of them are very clear from the constitution. They should be ready to help anyone but must not interfere and this is the only way we can be successful in every field of life.

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An Engineer, Member of National Youth Assembly- Pakistan, Writer and Cricket Lover.

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