Just Marks Are of Little Help

By Razaullah Khan.

There is no denying a fact that marks/G.P.A plays an important role in student academic career. It gives students a lot of opportunity in every field of life. A student who obtains good marks/G.P.A can easily attain both national and international scholarships. A student having scored good marks can easily take admission in University and college. It also helps a student in securing job. But now a days the way students get marks is very dreadful and bewildering.

Recently D. I. Khan board announced the result of Intermediate in which all the top twenty students of the board have obtained impressive and enviable marks. When the top twenty students appeared in Educational Testing and Evolution Agency (ETEA) a single student could not pass the (ETEA) test. Why even the top twenty students of the board could not pass the test which is deemed to be conducted in the fairest way? The answer is simple: they did not deserve the marks they have obtained; how, then, they obtained it, is a question which further warrants a thorough investigation.

Similarly, last year when Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government conducted screening test for Provincial Management Service (PMS) majority of the students were reported to have used Messenger and Whatsapp. It showed that if a student can cheat in one of the most prestigious competitive examination than what to talk about Matric, Intermediate or University level examinations.

For the last two years I have been observing one thing at university level which is very sad. If a student has a good relationship with teacher he/she can easily obtain 90% marks. Majority of the students start study for examination before one or two weeks and they become topper of the class. How it is possible for a student to prepare seven or eight subjects in a week? How he becomes topper of class?

So it is necessary for teachers and education institutes to grade papers fairly and with greater responsibility and self-accountability. Students are also required to acknowledge the fact that mere marks cannot help them in securing good position in academic or professional career. Marks/grades are not represented by the students; certificates or degrees containing good marks can neither write nor speak for themselves. So of little help are they.

About Author.

The writer is a 4th semester Law student at Islamia College University, Peshawar. He can be reached at razaullah440@gmail.com and tweets @razaullahkh

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