United States-The Politics of Hate

By Zara Mansoor.

Many of us have become so tired and absorbed because of the continuous negativity and distractions of the present-day politics, politicians and hot issues of everyday. This politics have become too pathetic to seek a better way.

However, despite what President Donald Trump or his core followers appear to believe and certainly abide by, racism, hatred, bigotry and the blame and complain mindset, are the poorer, less focused, less – inclusive approach. Doesn’t it make sense, since America was founded on, and consistently has claimed a higher moral and ethical standards, based on essential freedoms, there should be, no acceptance of biased, un – American concepts, which treat individuals differently, based on factors, such as race, creed, ethnicity, and/ or religion, etc.

No title suits Donald Trump better.

His expressions are one thing and actions are quite another. Since he has come to power he has always tried to overturn everything put by Obama-ex President.  His attack on the health system, called Obama Care, has thankfully fallen short of wiping it out. He tried hard to withdraw the Paris Accord but fortunately it has also failed because others still support it. But the new low is lifting the ban on shooting black bears. Trump removed the Obama’s flood protection law just few days before Hurricane Harvey.

Recently, Donald Trump blocked Stephen King on twitter, is a clear sign of mental disturbance. He has become famed for hitting the block button. “Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing It or Mr. Mercedes. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself,” Stephen replied. He called for the world leader to be impeached after he sacked FBI director James Comey, calling the US leader “a remarkable combination of unhinged and dumb as dirt,” and saying “Time to start talking impeachment. Really enough is enough.”

 Apparently the new law of US states that it is alright to shoot nursing mothers and even their babies. While these creatures may not be appreciated by everyone they are a natural part of the environment. Well, we all are aware of what the incumbent thinks of that.

Psychiatrists have already mentioned Donald Trump as a clear and present danger to the world.

Obama was a great President and a leader to look up to. His legacy is being ripped apart by a jealous, egocentric, and unpolished successor whose time in office is something we would all like to forget. What kind of people are they who support the things happening now and who, in their right minds, want to be a part of it?

The racial hatred expressed in Charlottesville has left to shock waves being felt around the world. Many are suggesting it can end his time in office. Others are hoping that it will, including many outside the USA.

The one thing we have learned about Donald Trump is that he can’t bear to lose. He thinks of himself as God’s gift to the United States and yet he has divided it to such an extent that a civil war is likely. His support and lack of understanding about the Charlottesville riot is just one more nail in his coffin.

His expressions to North Korea left many stunned by his vitriolic retort. Instead of diplomacy and peace he claimed he would send Fire and Fury against the nation in response to them firing missiles into the Pacific Ocean. He then turned around and praised Kim Jong-un for backing off when the reason for it was because the United States is close to imploding.

The president of that nation knows a most of the world is having a thought that this man cannot hold office much longer, He is not at all suitable for the Country and everyone is waiting for the next chapter.

About Author:

Zara Mansoor is  student of media studies in Islamabad. She is an article writer and a blogger too. 

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