Political Scenarios after Nawaz Sharif’s Disqualification

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was already badly defeated after Supreme Court’s Verdict about his disqualification. But his home-coming rally also worsened the situation for him when extremely little or less numbers of his supporters came out in his support during the rally. Nawaz Sharif probably has now realized that his political career is over, given the fact that the likes of Chaudhary Nisar and other senior PMLN leadership are also getting distant from him and his political mindset.

During his home-coming rally, Nawaz Sharif bluntly criticized Supreme Court for disqualifying him and kept on saying Mujhy Kiun Nikala during his addresses. His statements regarding to judiciary and members of Joint Investigating Team (JIT) also fall somehow in the category of Contempt of Court. Nawaz Sharif, pointing out his fingers towards military, had also termed his disqualification as a result of serious conspiracy against the democracy. The fall of Nawaz Sharif has not only seen a Full Stop at his political career, but the rifts between the Sharif Family members also made the headlines, which are still prevailing behind the curtains.

Nawaz Sharif’s frustration and greed for being in power are still there and can be seen when he addresses a political gathering or any seminar, when he gets the similar protocol that he used to have when he was in rule. In the same way, his daughter Maryam Nawaz is also enjoying the luxuries which any state-person gets, something that is not new in current tenure of PMLN. Moreover, the denial of Sharif Family to appear before National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for investigations that Supreme Court had ordered is yet another proof that Sharif’s consider themselves above the law.

The last few months were probably a nightmare for Nawaz Sharif, his paid speakers and his poor supporters. They have had never thought that it would become so much difficult for them to rescue their corrupt leader from the quicksand of Panama Leaks, counter Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed & Siraj-ul-Haq and deal with the Supreme Court & then JIT. After his disqualification, Nawaz Sharif kept on shouting about his innocence and he even tried to threaten that such kind of judicial decisions can repeat the history of 1971. These statements from Nawaz Sharif, who has remained in power for more than three decades, is an alarming situation for us, being Pakistanis.

Now it’s time that we must recognize those who, for their own interests, can put Pakistan and its National Security at stake. How can a person who has been disqualified for misleading the nation regarding to his property and his inability to prove his assets before Supreme Court and then JIT, can get so low that he is clearly indicating another Fall of Pakistan. People of Pakistan should open up their eyes before opting Nawaz Sharif’s mindset and his kingdom in next elections and think about Pakistan first. Panama Papers’ Revelations, JITs investigations and Supreme Court’s verdict have badly exposed Nawaz Sharif’s corruption and his mentality of looting Pakistan and its people. Now he is constantly falling down and also he has no pioneers of his party around him who used to save him once.

Coming up next is NA-120 Bi-Elections, the seat that is being emptied after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, where Disqualified & Ex PM Nawaz Sharif’s wife Begum Kulsoom Nawaz will be facing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Dr. Yasmin Rashid in an epic expected battle. It’s the time for patriot Pakistanis of Lahore to vote the ideology, to vote that lady who thinks about Pakistan’s interests, not for her own personal greed & interests.

From April 2016, when Panama Leaks surfaced, till to date, the nation has witnessed that Nawaz Sharif failed miserably to appear before the court and JIT with proofs and money trails of his business records. We saw that Ex PM and his children had nothing to prove their innocence. It is and it should be enough for the people of NA-120’s constituency and whole Pakistan to realize and make up their mind that people like Nawaz Sharif were in power only for increasing the weight of their pockets & looting the poor people of Pakistan.

Today if President of United States of America is threatening Pakistan and denying all of our sacrifices which we made for USA’s war, then it’s because of our failed Foreign Policy due to which Donald Trump had not a bit of hesitation while blaming Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan. When people like Nawaz Sharif & Asif Ali Zardari come in power, then their only Foreign Policy that exists is to make their bosses in White House & Pentagon happy. People of Pakistan need to realize this reality that as far as such people will be the Head of State, our blood, our sacrifices & efforts of Pakistan’s Military will have no value in International Arena. Countries like USA, India & Israel, who are the actual masterminds for instability in regional peace, will keep on isolating Pakistan, unless we don’t opt a sincere and brave leadership. Pakistan Zindabad.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of the writer and do not reflect the policy of The Weekly Pakistan.

The writer is Islamabad based Research Analyst / Content Writer / Media Person and is currently pursuing his M. Phil. Degree in Media Studies from Bahria University Islamabad. He writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports and can be reached at;


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