Trump a Daydreamer

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

After the statement of American President Donald Trump about Afghanistan Policy, the whole media of Pakistan flooded with the reactions. Mr. Trump put baseless allegations undermining all the sacrifices given by the Pakistan army and civilians too.  He threatened us by saying if we don’t cope up with the safe havens of terrorists, he would stop all the aid.

China reacted before Pakistan by saying this world should acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts towards peace keeping. Russia also showed cards favoring Pakistan. Even some of the congressmen and policy makers of US didn’t endorse Trump’s statement backfiring his brainwave. Parliament of Pakistan condemned all the allegations and the spokesperson of Pakistan Army, DG ISPR rejected the blames and stressed to accept the positive role of Pakistan in the region.

Everyone knows the mental conditions of Trump but this time his daydreaming can be turned into worst nightmare.  Without seeking help from Pakistan, America can’t succeed in Afghanistan even if it keeps on praising so called participation and friendship of India. Balance of power, America tries to maintain with the partnership of India should be turned into another direction if they really want peace. Hiding their failures in Afghanistan and covering it up by lame excuses won’t give a lifeline to Americans particularly in winning over Afghan Taliban.

Deployment of only 4000 extra soldiers and surmising it a winning strategy is nothing but ridiculous. The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and America needs to be ameliorated in order to avoid any unrest in region.  Pakistan is a reality and our infantry is world’s best infantry. Donald Trump should recognize it as soon as possible and he needs to review his knowledge instead of wasting his precious time on twitter.

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