Strong resolve of the Kashmiri people to win freedom from the Indian Occupation, President AJK

September 15; Muzaffarabad: The President of AJK, Sardar Masood Khan, while talking to the Central Press Club here, said that there are three ground realities in regard to Kashmir: strong resolve of the Kashmiri people to win freedom from the Indian Occupation; India’s unrelenting repression in IOK; and the studied silence of the international community on gross and egregious violations of the human rights in the Occupied Kashmir.

Despite India’s escalating aggression in IOK and its killing spree across the LOC of civilians, Kashmiris have given a loud and clear message to India and to the international community that they would continue their freedom struggle to attain their inalienable right to self- determination.

“The people of Azad Kashmir liberated the Azad territory by laying down their lives in an armed struggle against the forces of Maharaja and India in 1947-48. The people of IOK have been sacrificing their lives in quest of freedom for the last 70 years. This struggle will go on, along with moral and diplomatic campaign by Pakistanis and Kashmiris, until India ceases its repression and vacates the territory”, the President said.

The President said that India had intensified its malicious efforts to change the demographic composition of the IOK and to alter the quasi-autonomous status of IOK, “the people occupied Kashmir and their allies are determined to frustrate Indian designs”

The AJK President denounced the construction of the illegal settlements for the Pandits and former military personals. This too, he said, was a way to alter the demographic realities of Kashmir.

President Masood Khan condemned ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Myanmar and called on UNSC the Human Rights Council to impose sanctions against those committing acts of genocide against Muslims in Burma. “Words, important though they are, are not enough. Action in the form of sanction should make a imposed against those responsible for these horrendous crimes”, he said.

In wide ranging press briefing, the President said that the AJK Govt’s economic development projects are on track and swift progress was expected in sectors of roads, hydropower generation, high quality education, health, tourism, industry, agriculture and telecommunications.

“Azad Kashmir’s firm linkage with the CPEC is a historic watershed. Two hydropower projects, an industrial zone and a modern expressway under the CPEC will transform the economic landscape of AJK”, the President said

The President said that determined efforts are being made to promote a culture of accountability, transparency and rule of law in the Azad State. The Judiciary was taking steps to ensure quick disposal of cases and in universities meritocracy was being promoted.

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