The Epitome Of Disgrace

By Kamal Saeed.

The mighty Ghalib once coined a Ghazal in which one verse says; Ka’aba Kis Mou Sy Jaogy Ghalib ~ Sharam Tum Ko Magar Nahi Aatie Forget about Ghalib. Forget about poetry as it sometimes tells lies. But here Ghalib well and truly nailed it. Sometimes this verse sneaks through the curtains of my neurons and it makes me ponder what might have been the factors for Ghalib to have inked this verse. The genius of Ghalib is he can be applied anywhere as he was certainly much ahead of his times. Ghalib might not have coined this verse for our filthy political dynamics but this can be applied to it. Go through the papers and news how and where we are heading to.

Forget about how the trail put in by NAB against Nawaz Sharif (denotified prime minister forever, off course) will scroll down or Ishaq Dar’s proceeding proceeds, the onlooker with a slight sense may be foxed to have such figures, having no grace, around us. Having these figures give us a bounteous view how we have shaped ourselves in the community of nations. Why we would not be arbitrated on the basis of our nationality, contrary to the fact that we should be judged by the contents of our characters.

The image presented by us to the rest of the world is downbeat thanks largely to the tremendous exhibition of profane of power and office. One can easily guess and assess the level of this nation when he/she watches and a disqualified person is conferred an honour of dozens of vehicles for the officially unofficial protocol. This man was given a boot by the honourable supreme court earlier on the serious charges of dishonesty and lies over lies. He is under trial of NAB for further details how did he actually amass the money. He is one and only Nawaz Sharif. This man enjoys the royal reception at airport and regal protocol for showering his blessing amid he appears before NAB. Just imagine, how does our law treat the disqualified and the alleged corrupt man. And just think how do we project our nation before the community of nations.

Forget about Nawaz Sharif (you may have love-lost with him). Take a look of our finance minister whose personal accounts and assets have been freezed on the behest of NAB yet he holds office and the nation treasury. He is under trial of NAB to qualify his credentials as he is to reply the questions of money-laundering (which he himself confessed before JIT this year). Forget about the repercussion of the court proceedings, just ask yourself, does he hold any moral right to run the office? Forget about the oft quoted cliché “innocent until proven guilty”, why do not we set the precedent of keeping ourselves G-rated. Why do not we have trend to debunk the skunks from the office.

Forget about Ishaq Dar. Watch Imran Khan out. This man yearns for amassing praises. This man loves seeing people praising his credentials and narrating his feats. Psychologically speaking, he sees himself a person who is concerned about the nation not because it dies for a complete overhaul but because to have people around him making talks speaks in volumes about doing undone. In a sense, he loves to see people call him Mohsin. However, actually virtue lies far above these trivial things. The virtues are not to be judged on the basis of the motives behind an action. The virtues has to be seen on the prism of being rather doing. A truly virtuous man is he who is unaware of the impact of the goods he has carried on over the years.

Forget about all these things. How all these things lurk? All these affairs are the causative verbs for us. But an irony upon irony is this nation is ashamed of the shames these men have brought for the nation. But the tragic part of the irony is there is a constant stream of stalwarts in our ranks who do rationalise all the malefactions. But again the tragic-irony is all these figures pay their Yatras to Ka’aba too which means they have certainly refuted Ghalib with their Holy-Yatras.

Kamal Saeed is the writer who holds masters in English literature.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of the writer and do not reflect the policy of The Weekly Pakistan.

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