Who Needs To Do More

By Ayesha Imtiaz Abbasi.

Pakistan is a center of instant political changes and fast growing developments these days. From Panama case and involvement of ruling family into it, to the NAB references everything is the center of attention for masses. Icing on the cake, a new piece of news became a hot topic to be discussed in the form of statement given by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Muhammad Asif starting a new “Pandora Box”. The first most important thing he mentioned in interview was “we need to do more”. Endorsing the stance of the president of America and other non-friendly countries to Pakistan, he accepted it and said we need to tackle things and work against extremist groups in Pakistan.

It clearly meant our country has left some stones unturned against militants and terrorist groups.  On the other hand The Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa while delivering a speech on national defense day stated, “we have done much within available resources and have sacrificed our lives. Now the world must do more”. This statement reflects the thoughts of common people but what foreign minister has said is humiliating. Former defense minister instead of strongly speaking for the cause of nation has gone extremely beyond the limits. How he forgot the statements of former secretary of states from US, who confessed they have created “Mujahedeen” and “Al-Qaeda”. They have funded them and used them against Soviet Union.

That is not all. American President, Donald Trump has said it that “ISIS” was formed by Hillary with Obama. Imagine a Pakistani politician even talking of funding these groups. He should have made it clear, who needs to do more. Khawaja Asif also mourned for the decisions taken in past. So what he and his government is doing now?

We are at the worst phase of our foreign policy. An underdeveloped country, with its politicians trying them to get out of severe allegations of money laundering, hiding assets, speaking lie before nation and perjury cases and cabinet protecting their lords instead of national interests, what we achieved is not less than a milestone in our history. Otherwise we could be another example of Iraq, Libya or maybe Syria within current defense system. These immature statements by the most experienced politicians containing dual meanings and the priming and framing of these news pieces by some top media forums according to their biased policies will mount the International Pressure. Until we do not get united, the ever chanting slogans of “DO MORE” will keep following us like worst nightmares. Thing to remember is, no one can undo Pakistan but people not thankful enough for this homeland have to suffer a lot.

About Author:

Writer is an International Relations student and hails from Islamabad. She can be reached at Ayeshaabbasi42@gmail.com

and tweets at @aishaabbasi42

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