Horrendous Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

By Zara Mansoor.

Mass shootings have become common in United States but the deadliest mass shooting has been discerned in the modern American history during a music festival in Las Vegas, broke the record of last year’s attack at an Orlando nightclub.

During a concert, lone gunman opened fire on the dense crowd as Jason Aldean was onstage, sprayed a concert with a hail of bullets “hundreds of bullets were shot” as a result many were wounded and some lost their lives. Officials identified the shooter as Stephen Paddock-64 year old white American, a divorced accountant and a multimillionaire who had no financial difficulties. He is said to have used automatic or semi-automatic gun in his attack. Islamic State terror group have claimed Paddock converted to Islam just few months before this incident.

Donald Trump has described the man who slaughtered a dense crowd as a “very sick, demented man”.

Reporters were told by the festival goers that they initially heard noise like firecrackers but it became perceptible as a shooter or shooters were unloading “clip after clip” on the crowd. Video has found out showing the gunfire broke out during a song which made hustle and bustle between the crowds and sent them running. A woman, who was attending the concert, told CNN: “Everyone was literally lying on top of each other and trying to get out of the way, and the shots just kept coming”.

Records show that the US has already gone through 273 such horrific incidents in the last 275 days which is quite atrocious. 2017 year is not divergent, 358 mass shootings in 2015 and 383 in 2016 have already marked.

Police stepped forward to take the killer into custody and Stephen Paddock, killed himself before armed police blasted their way into his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Next to his body police found more than ten rifles but no clue was found out that why he opened fire and what motivated him to take such an awful step. Police is in a search of killer’s incentive behind this death-dealing incident.

A distraught Eric Paddock, Stephen’s brother, told reporters in Orlando, Florida that “We can’t understand what happened” On being asked he said his brother was “not a normal guy” and “played high stakes video poker” his brother being named by authorities as the shooting suspect was “like if an asteroid fell out of the sky”.

This latest mass killing has sparked the argument surrounding tighter gun control laws. Most of the US states including Nevada, permits are not mandatory to buy a gun- nor anyone is required to get a license, and also there is no limit on the number of guns a person can buy at one time. Donald Trump didn’t call for the tougher gun laws after this ghastly situation.

Recent mass killing has been named as “an act of pure evil”.

Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work tighter to try to stop this from happening again- Hillary Clinton.

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“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at zaroomansoor9@gmail.com

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