Occidental Culture

By Hina Tariq.

Culture is a set of beliefs, ideas, objects, behaviours and other characteristics which are common to the people of a particular society. It is not only important for the progress of a society and its people but it also gives them identity and sets them apart from others.

In the past, people used to give preferences to their own ideas and beliefs to such an extent that they were reluctant to adopt certain things which were even beneficial. Cultural assimilation and changes in these societies were alien; but with the technological advancement and globalization, people have started to adopt not only other’s values and ideas but they prefer it over their own culture. Westernization and becoming westernized is now on the top of the priority list.

We are often unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of westernization but follow it blindly because most of us, simply equate it to’ modernization’. No doubt, westernization has taught us advancement, provided us with better opportunities to progress, and facilitated us with better education and health facilities and a sustained way of life but when we look at the other side; we see its negative effects and repercussions.

We are adopting western lifestyles without considering the fact that it is proving detrimental to our own customs and traditions. Most of our youth is busy in celebrating their festivals, wearing their dresses, follow their latest trends in fashion and giving preference to their languages. In the nutshell, they feel proud in following west’s culture.

The above are some of the issues from where emerge the roots of our cultural destruction. If we are to save our culture from being faded, we must adopt a balanced approach, so that the world recognise us modernised instead of westernized.

“I would like to keep my window open so that I could get fresh air, the moment I see the air is going to damage my room,  I will close down my window”

(MK Gandhi)

About Author:

Hina Tariq is a student of Environmental Sciences in Peshawar. She is an aspirant to CSS.

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