Media and Education

By Atika Abbasi.

Today, media has become a persuasive and dominant institution of a society. It is playing a vital role in shaping the culture, values, and minds of people. It is due to this powerful influence of media, some intellectuals consider media as a fifth basic institution of a society, besides Government, Judiciary, Economics and Education

After throwing enough light upon the principal role of media in a society, let me show the other side of the picture in Pakistan.

Recently, one of my good friend joined a private news channel as a news anchor. When her teacher saw her on Television she texted her; “You are a bright student then why did you opt media as your career? Get back to university and pursue your studies.” Similarly, once I told my friend that I aspire to join media. She had her jaw dropped open and replied; “then why are you coping with critical theories of literature? You are beautiful, groom yourself a little more and you will have you way paved.

So, this is a general perception of media among masses that the criterion of success is objectification. This notion is actually very insolent and resentful. However, we need to reflect how and why such characterization of media has been generated?

You have heard some heard some hosts at different channel asking Hamza Ali Abbasi that why did you opt media after having a successful attempt at “C-S-S” or some usually ask Mawra Hocane that why are you still pursuing your law school after becoming a big name industry.

Hence, the impression that educated people do not go for media as their career, is also created by media itself. Although a fair portion of Pakistani intelligentsia is associated with media. We need to understand the fact that media is not only related drama, film, music or fashion industry. It is basically an institution which has its vistas much wider. It encompasses arts, literature, culture, social, political and environmental issues. Therefore, media has an inherent relationship with education, it inculcates thoughts and beliefs in the mind of people. Thus, it can educate people only when its operators are educated and accomplished.

Moreover, propagation of an idea that objectification of women or men can lead them to success in media, can be destructive. Further, we need to deconstruct the idea that is all about holding degrees in hand. Education is more about an enlightened mind, a sensitive soul, and a developed heart. So, if any media person does not hold a piece of paper from any educational institution, it doesn’t necessarily imply that he is uneducated.

About Author:

Writer is an English literature student and hails from Islamabad.

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