Cannibalism Is Alive Across The World

By Zara Mansoor.

Cannibalism involves eating the flesh of other human beings which is not common but still alive in the world of reality. Humans have been eating each other for a long time, many are found guilty of killing and eating. It’s not easy to stomach the fact that humans and our ancestors practiced cannibalism. In the early history of our species, Neanderthals and humans coexisted. They lived together. They interbred. They ate together, and even ate each other.

Throughout history, human beings have dined on human flesh.

It was actually started in ancient times. Cannibalism’s history dated back to 17th Century. Many evidences of cannibals were found from Jazeera-e-karim, there it was heard for the very first time, deportment was observed and then this word was converted in different languages. After that, this misdemeanour expanded to several other parts like Africa, Netherland, New Zealand and even to Indo-Pak Subcontinent, many examples of cannibalism were marked in these sections of the world.

In 1809 incident named as the Boyd massacre was noted in Whangaroa Peninsula, about 66 passengers and crew of the Boyd were killed and eaten there. In 2008, an eight year old boy was skinned and his flesh fed to cannibal relatives. Evil Klara- a member of sinister religious cult, admitted torturing her son and his ten year old brother. On being asked reporter was told by her that “cannibalism is not a sin, it has been doing by thousands of people in the world”. April 2011 this iniquity turned to the side of Pakistan and two brothers from Darya Khan- City of Punjab were accused of eating human flesh. It had also been observed in Hindustan where after setting human bodies on fire their fleshes were eaten up. Another case in 2013 was picked up and raised by the media, Chef David Viens killed his wife and cooked her body to dispose of it, was put behind bars for 15 years.

Cannibals consider cutting up the human flesh, sexually exciting.

The simple truth is that not all that common. However, when it does happen, it is absolutely horrifying. Once again, cannibal killers have been caught. A couple admit to eating up to 30 people in south-east Russia. They were arrested from the southern region of Krasnodar after finding pictures of dismembered bodies on a phone.

There are those lone individuals exist who find eating human flesh quit satisfying. They are extremely lonely, having psychopathic personalities. Killing and eating a victim ensures that the offender is never alone. It helps them in forgetting that they are loners. They have victims with them at all times. It always helps them in retaining control over their lives. To themselves, they have demonstrated mastery over other human beings. This is intoxicating and drives them to do it again.

Cannibals never feel embarrassment on their actions, they are proud of that.

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