Cloud Seeding

By Hina Tariq.

‘Cloud seeding’ or ‘artificial rain’ is a technique used to alter the weather pattern and to induce rain with the help of chemicals. This technique is in use since 1946. Various countries have adopted this technique to produce rain or snow mostly in drought-stricken areas. It has not only flabbergasted the world but has also told us the secrets of weather and atmosphere.

In this process, chemicals like silver iodide, potassium iodide, and dry ice (CO2) are seeded into the clouds. In this way, small droplets condense together to induce rain. This technique is not only cheap but also has no any significant negative environmental impacts.

However; before adopting this technique, the cloud types and their moisture content along with various other factors must be considered to make the best use of it.

Techniques like this have astonished the world and have made us enable to solve the problems of environment in a better way. So, if we want ourselves to be on the cutting edge, we must not only know the latest techniques but also their timely use.

About Author:

The write is a Master’s degree holder in Environmental sciences from University of Peshawar. She is an aspirant to CSS also.

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