One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

By Hina Tariq.

This is an old maxim which directs our attention towards the usefulness and uselessness of things which we do not give much importance. We use a lot of things in our lives; some of them give us comfort, some provide us luxury.

There are still other things which we use once or twice and they become useless to us. Even if they are good in condition, but keeping in view, the latest trends, we buy new things and discard or devalue the old ones.

These things may include old clothes, old furniture, gadgets, electronic appliances (T.Vs, refrigerators, A.Cs, computers etc) and even old books etc. Each of them has its own valve, worth and importance.

Some of them can be reused again; other can be repaired while still some of them can be recycled again to reintroduce them back into the main cycle once again. But even knowing all the processes and ways, we do not bother to give them due consideration.

It is now very important for us to give these useless materials and things to those who know their possible use. They not only use them with care but they make the best use of these materials. They know their importance in their lives and consider this trash as treasure.

This little effort of giving these materials to the needy and poor gives us satisfaction. It makes their lives easy and makes the society a better place to live in. By keeping all these points in mind, we must also ensure the timely distribution, so that, one use them in time and get benefited.

In this way, the society can be kept balance, poor people happy and rich contented and conscientious. This is also a way by which we can deal with the problem of haves and have-nots.

About Author:

The write is a Master’s degree holder in Environmental sciences from University of Peshawar. She is an aspirant to CSS also.

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