The Power of Writing

By Zara Mansoor.

Many powerful things have made an appearance in the world but nothing can replace the power of a pen or writing. A single pen is more powerful than anything else of the world. It has the power to make an illiterate literate and unmindful mindful. A thing about which you want to aware everyone but doesn’t possess the ability to utter strongly, than the capacity of writing can help a lot at this level of life.

You must have often heard “writers are fighters” and actually that really is. Wars happen; wrangle and quarrel make their ways to the society, but to fight with a pen or with your writing skill is the best of all. Every writer has gone through some strenuous points of life where he/she survived like dead person but later came to know the art of playing with words and started to awake everyone from a deep slumber, elucidated his stories or experiences, tried hard to find words and put everything into perspective ,words for every reader.

Now a days many articles or blogs can be found on social media related to the rapid increase of sexual harassments, one can’t dare to vocalize the issue but can narrate perfectly with the masterly use of words and becomes anonymous for publishment.  With the power of writing you portray your idea in a very delicate form and convince your reader towards it. Some issues about which one can’t speak out loud can be written on a small piece of paper with the use of alphabets.

I have been reading and writing a long time now. After so many years of my life, I have formed my own ideas and designs on writing. When a writer put together words he/she actually conveys idea, which is why writing is a complicated process but powerful as well. Thinking happens inside our minds invisibly whereas writing appears on paper as you write. When one’s thoughts translated into words and take shape, things start getting intricate because it’s not always that the sentences carry the meaning that you intended to convey when you began putting the words together. Sometimes writer ends up expressing less than what he intended, sometimes more and sometimes says things that he never really intended to speak out aloud. writing is about controlled communication because one cannot throw at the world all the mental noise one carries around in one’s head.

Writing isn’t an overnight project or arduous thing. You work hard to turn your words into a reality or your reality into words. It doesn’t come easy just like clear thinking doesn’t. It is always considered a delicate craft only and only because it is not as much about what writer says as it is about what impression the writing leaves unsaid or implied.

There is no reason for anyone not to be successful so go out and get your piece of the pie. There’s plenty to go around!

About Author:

“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at

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