A Helicoptering Governance

By Kamal Saeed.

Strange are the times in our country those who should be in are out and those who should be out are in. Given the fact our finance minister is having his honeymooning in London with the insurance of operating Pakistan’s economy from there. Our ex-PM- though he has landed here as I write these words- to supervise our country from London as it was the case with Asif Ali Zardari when he was in Dubai to run the operations of Sindh, is in offing.

In the reference against Dar, the NAB alleged that “the accused has acquired assets and pecuniary interests / resources in his own name and / or in the name of his dependants of an approximate amount of Rs. 831.678 million (approx).” The reference alleged that the assets were “disproportionate to his known sources of income for which he could not reasonably account for.” NAB had filed three references against the Sharif family in connection with the London properties and the establishment of 16 companies, including Flagship Investment Ltd in the UK and Azizia Steel Mills and Hill Metal Establishment in Jeddah.

The former premier and his sons have been named in all three references, while Maryam and Safdar have only been named in the Avenfield reference.

Go through the number above and try assess the dearth of rationalism in our psyche. It was not for days, not for weeks, not for months but for ages these men were behind the woes of the nation. The nation was never seen in addiction to 20 hours’ power cut, not in memory to have prices sky-rocketed, economy at bay of havoc, inflation to rise, unemployment to increase, population bomb to tick, all these can be ascribed to the sheer incompetence of the N-league. It might be argued they did not have goods in legacy but the sheen of goods has worsened in these years.

As the chairman NAB has instructed Lahore bench to speed up the process of pending cases, it would have certainly scarified NS and Dar. Since NS and Dar are indicted it has a lot to affright for N-league because it will not only determine the fate of these said tycoons but also to shape the dynamics of upcoming elections and N-league political struggle without NS.

Nawaz Sharif would have probably stomached his fall but the annoying knot might be for him and for his party is the next successor as Maryam Nawaz is very much likely to be in hot waters as the case goes to ripe. Nawaz Sharif and Dar might have ciphered the verdict and they might have drawn the conclusion to stay abroad but they may encounter the refute to their conclusion.

Pakistan for the first time has somehow grappled with interrogating the elites in courts. History is in the making of Pakistan, yet there are certain orifices too. For instance NS is receiving the royal reception and Sharjeel Memon with the same charges is brought in police van. NAB should not obliterate the culprits rather to instruct higher authorities to list NS, the family and Dar in ECL so that the rule of law stands for all, after all rules are supreme to uphold.

Kamal Saeed is the writer who holds masters in English literature.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of the writer and do not reflect the policy of The Weekly Pakistan.

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