Miasma of Smog

By Aqsa Rana.

Children and most of teenagers are happy because after a long time, during their full of colors games, they are not facing intense, penetrating sunlight. Yes winter has started presenting gift of smog to future of Pakistan, children and senior citizens with catcall effects. During number of last years, this gift was only enjoyed by Punjab specially Lahore and many reasons were unveiled, suggestions given to curb it but what happened, NOTHING. But yes one thing; with every passing year this smog promulgated higher level of harmful oxides percentages.

Unfortunately, our determined value of particulate concentration far exceeds the permissible level of EPA. Percentage of particulate matter 10 micrometer observed in Punjab as 240 mcg/cubic meter and according to EPA it should be below 150 mcg/cubic meter, Sulphur Oxides percentage notes 1,373 mcg/cubic meter and standard level should be less than 120 mcg/cubic meter and the list goes on with higher percentages causing tumultuous events countrywide. 16 people have been killed in Punjab while driving on motorway and 25 killed in Islamabad due to want of visibility with many aggravated problems of asthma.

However, this burgeoning gift is not natural but man-made. The number of conventions, summits, seminars was held to cope with the problems, even foreign funds were allocated to problematic sectors, but badly failed, because the main problems residing in our system and social roots is making a hard turf to crackdown. No any convention can help us until remodeling and modification of our own root system in particular.

“with little agitation of mind, a point comes to mind that promulgation of smog from Punjab to Margalla hills is not because of Jalandhar`s farmers”

World’s developed countries are amending their energy sectors towards renewable sources to curb the emissions having capability to vitiate, but Pakistan is concreting the coal sector with china back-up of $15 billion as a part of CPEC. Development is not sinister but it becomes when health, life and future of citizens are on stake. Last year Punjab faced huge number of blood loss in accidents due to smog and lips of public with multi-concerned questions were sealed by taking shelter in traditional.

Pak-Indo umbrella, India is responsible for this in Pakistan. Indian farmers burnt number of leftover crops straw in Jalandhar, India which is nearer to Punjab, Pakistan that’s why Punjab is facing smog loud noise. With little agitation of mind, a point comes to mind that promulgation of smog from Punjab to Margalla hills is not because of Jalandhar`s farmers but CPEC energy production area has been coupled with sociability.

For building OBOR, China is financing Coal Power Plants for energy production which burgeoning emissions at rate of 3.9% per year snubbing conditions of iys Beijing and Harbin of 2013 due to Coal Emissions. If proper alternatives and mitigating measures are not considered, then Pakistan will be the second Harbin of 2013.

Moreover, urbanization is taking place rapidly resulting in cutting of millions of trees leading want of absorption of carbon emissions hence contributing in smog problems. But in my perspective, this is failure of our government & our policy makers. Why have they not been able to design such a policy to prevent unbalanced urbanization by providing attraction for young generation to hold family agricultural activities rather than to move towards urban areas by providing better basic facilities of life, eradicating lower poverty line by giving subsidies. This unbalanced urbanization lead to secondary as well tertiary problems e.g GDP and increasing crime rate respectively because no nation can concrete and consolidate its position at world forum until its industrial development is not coupled with agricultural development.

About Author:
Aqsa Rana is aspirant to CSS, have specialization in environmental sciences from Quaid-i-azam university, Islamabad.

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