The Pursuit Of Happiness Has Gotten Out Of Hand

By Zara Mansoor.

On one fine sunny day of winters my family decided to visit a public park. We planned a picnic trip and started to make things ready which we could need throughout our journey to a park. First it seemed to be a fun day to me till something ghastly happened in front of my eyes but this experience taught me so many different things.

We got ready, lumped together our goods and commenced to explore new things all over our journey of excursion. There was a crappy blockage of traffic on our way to the park, off signals and an abundant amount of beggars on our route to the picnic spot. At last after a drive of hours which could be crossed in hour, we arrived at the point of our destination.

After stepping out of the car I scrutinized a large enchanting park having a fine dazzling nature and greenery providing incredible shades to the park. There were the beautiful sounds of birds singing in their own language and amusing all the tourists. I made headway towards the benches in between the park with my picnic stuff and family. Everyone there was busy in doing something, some were playing with their children, doing barbecue, taking pictures of the nature, playing violin and loving, appreciating the alluring setting and scenery made by the God for his people.

While all were engaged in doing something to make their day a wonderful piece of enjoyment, there was someone with blank innocent eyes seeing everyone taking pleasures from the exquisite environment. Abruptly I had a glimpse at innocent and impeccable little girl of 5-6 years with dishevelled hairs, attractive green eyes sitting alone on the footpath, staring happy faces, in quest of happiness, ogling the food and engrossing in some thoughts. I gazed her for long and her beautiful smile cinched my decision to accept the offer of my heart to talk her.

I excused my family, moved close to her and settled myself down there. I had a piece of biscuit with me which I offered her and then started asking about herself. First she hesitated but after offering second time she all of a sudden picked it with a beaming smile on face, gleam and sparkle in the eyes. I was told by her that she had no idea about her family like whom it was. She was trembling while talking and wasn’t able to pronounce or utter words correctly. After all she was just about 5 years old and didn’t take any proper guide about anything. I put forward her my request to join us at our picnic. She stared at me in amazement and then I saw her blinking back those tears in eyes. I grabbed her finger and we walked.

My family entertained her so well, she seemed so happy in our company. We spent our day well and right as rain. After hours of enjoyment it was the time to leave, hardly and reluctantly we bade farewell to that little piece of joy in hope of seeing again at any point and travelled back to our house.

But from my visit to the park I learned so many things, first of all is, all are not leading a same life as ours and not everyone has a bulk of things to be delighted from. Some just ogles at things which they can’t afford to get.

We should be happy if we have all the necessary goods of life. We are fortunate enough to get every necessity.

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“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at

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