Violence In The Service Of God

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

The “vice and virtue” squad stormed the Capital with all undue Pomp and circumstances, realizing the significance of midpoint of twin cities, choose to sanction the Faizabad interchange which is one of the jugular point to connect the Capital with the other part of the country including the restlessly active main Grand Trunk (GT) Road. There is already much uncertainty in the country and yet the situation added not less than an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Several hundred of well-organized, trained and indoctrinated hooligans armed with batons and reportedly few of them equipped with weapons and petrol bombs, led by a man who gained a popularity through his derogatory and degraded ill-speech against whomsoever he chooses to disagree, sometimes even maltreats his own disciples beneath their dignity, seem to have virtually succeeded in their strategy with no such a great deal of effort in strangling and squeezing the twin cities in a brief period of time making a mockery of state authority.

Since the moment, picture of the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan paints a thousand words of disability, disorder, helplessness and the poor health of a state which appeared to fail in restoring the writ of the state in place and to protect the fundamental constitutional right to freedom of movement to its citizens at the hands of handful of radicals.

The Capital of nuclear state created the impression of complete chaos and remained hostage to an extremist group what they self-proclaimed as the rightly guided and described them as most knowing, in fact, the misguided one, inspiring plenty of disdain by making people’s lives hell on the name of heavens and challenging the state’s writ by taking law into their own hands.

Interestingly, the government even before their arrival have realized the error which it called a “clerical mistake” regretted and their demands have already been addressed through the act of Parliament leaving no room for them to undermine the national security amidst the Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad is entering into the final leg bringing about remarkable fallouts in the war on terrorism.

A person like Khadim Hussain Rizvi who describes himself a devout, pious, true lover of the last Prophet(May the Mercy and Blessings of God Be Upon Him) and fearful of God, invoking this noble name of God in contention and hostility and to violate the God’s divine instructions in the holy scripture by hurting other through his ill speech. Preventing children entree to the schools, cutting the access for patients to the hospitals, one toddler even lost his life at the hands of demonstrators. How can such a person describe himself a lover of Prophet (PBUH) and find peace with the God?

Allah clearly says about ill speech in Surah Al-Mu’minun, “Certainly will the believers have succeeded: and they who turn away from ill speech”. Even there are clear divine instructions not to take the law into one’s own hands.

Allah is the bringer of peace and the Last Prophet who guide us through enlightened messages of love, peace, Forgiveness, Mercy Goodwill & Harmony. Then what faith are they projecting upon by causing people a trouble?

Over the course of the past seventeen days, around two dozens of cases of harassment, threats, attacks, rioting and inciting the violence registered against them by the different sections of civil society but the state’s role was not more than aiding and abetting religious extremists in the gateway of Islamabad and attempted to placate the citizens with erroneous promises.

Meanwhile, uncompromising figurehead of this movement, no matter if disability of legs is not letting him walk but through his phenomenal oratory skills continues to use its authority at best to plant a great deal of violence under the guise of Islam yet State authority especially much reverberated  National Action Plan (NAP) seems feeble to take its course against the powerful clergy of the country.

Leaving aside the common people, Police and other law enforcement personnel were struggling to protect themselves from their malicious machinations look like powerless to confront the violent troublemakers when vigilante took policemen into the custody were beaten black and blue.

Pakistan a country yearning to achieve the soft image for decades but every once in awhile has to face unanimous international opprobrium and isolation ensued by such religious extremist groups and their agendas bring the country to the brink. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Pakistan ranked among the least peaceful countries in South Asia. In given circumstances, how would state persuade the international community and the Foreign Direct Investment about the conducive environment in the country which is becoming increasingly violent?

It does not seem likely that the government intend to offend its religious constituency or else fearful of annoying the powerful clergy of the country just a few months ahead of the general election, preventing state to not play with full deck instead delaying the matter, probably waiting for another Red Mosque like tragedy.

It gets frightening that some of the protestors called violence to be loaded and not afraid of consequences or scared to death shows neither flexibility in the various rounds of negotiations nor any compliance to the orders of apex courts led to contempt of court keeping the chances of open conflict alive. And demanding either government to take decisive action to sack the Federal Minister of Law right away to whom they held at the helm behind the conspiracy of controversial amendment and reversal in the Finality of Prophethood or at the least they have placed themselves to the service of martyrdom which simply means invoking states to the extent where violence becomes inevitable.

In an overpowering Muslim majority country of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan whose constitution ensures the Islam to be the state religion and establishes an order over Muslims to practice their lives none other than teachings of Quran and Sunnah having the strictest anti-blasphemy laws leaving no room for any sense of insecurity to Islam or otherwise. Then, is anyone have this authority to monopolise the love of the last Prophet (PBUH) or doubt anyone’s Belief in the finality of prophethood? Or exploiting the religious sentiments for that matter to provoke violence or bloodletting in the country?

Let History be our Guide, they are neither the true faces of Islam nor the true lover of the Last Prophet (PBUH) but active detractors trying to thwart the efforts of the state to constitute the kind of harmonious society following the model of the first ever Islamic state of Madina in which Muslims and non-Muslims having the equal rights lived in peaceful coexistence for years. It might take some time but their shallow rhetoric of selling their products on the name of Islam would meet the destiny. Most of it exposed little required. drastic times call for the state to take drastic measures comprehending its greater role to play indiscriminately to fail their ominous narrative and to safeguard the future of Pakistan.

But one thing we the citizens of Pakistan to ask ourselves!! Does the violence in the service of God have any space in this country?

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The writer is the columnist and International Relations Research Scholar.

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