From Human to Bioman

By Hina Tariq.

Human beings are one of the most revered specie found on this planet earth. They are capable of doing multiple tasks which other organisms find very difficult to perform. One of the most important and well appreciated fact about human beings is the advancement of their brain and its complex structure which enables them to become useful members of the society.

As, we know, the society is an integrated whole and it works like an organism. The emotions of one person are truly discernible by others because of the fact that all of them have been blessed with ‘emotions’. These emotions are very pertinent to create a sense of brotherhood, trust, sympathy, cooperation and peace amongst them.

With that, some of them also adopts altruistic approach, which in its best regard not only helpful for other human beings but for the whole society and its balanced and sustained functioning. In this way, no one lags behind in any sphere of life.

We also acknowledge the fact that, there are different segments and strata of society and their demands and requirements are different from one another. So, for this, a concept of ‘equity’ rather than ‘equality’ must be adopted so the needs and requirements of all of them could be catered.

But in modern world, everyone is busy in comforting himself. A man not only ignores others but neglects them and prefers his own interests over the rights of others to pacify himself. He is busy in amassing wealth and increasing it day by day by using all his energies and efforts in this regard.

He is therefore, losing all his relations, be it of any kind, and just cares about the worldly matters. He is adopting materialistic approach and wants to achieve a high rank and status in society on any cost to reach the zenith of success without considering the right path.

He is thus, a bioman, who is free from the sense of brotherhood, trust, honesty and altruism which are the emotions of a human. Hence, the human beings who lack their true emotions are on the verge of failure and there is no doubt that these have become ‘Biomen’ and they are proving deleterious for the very existence of a healthy society.

About Author:

The write is a Master’s degree holder in Environmental sciences from University of Peshawar. She is an aspirant to CSS also.

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