A Time To Make More Memories

By Zara Mansoor.

So, here are we at an end of another year, wondering where it all went and what have we done in the last eleven months. Another year has almost passed, another year is about to come and this is a time of coloured lights and celebrations. At this time of year most of the minds focus on all celebratory events and decorations which are constant reminders.

These last perks of the year mean different things to people. For some it is holiday time, and for others it is about the celebrations, singing of much loved Christmas carols.

Personally, I love this last month of the year. It’s about sharing very last moments of the year and making more memories in this season of love with family, friends and others. Many events and occasions come throughout the year i.e Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha but the pleasure of collecting last memories of the year always remains significant.

Let me share my last memories of the year. Everyone spends his last days of the year in different places. From my childhood to grown up I have spent my last days of every year in Lahore-City of Gardens.

So there was I in that cold windy morning of winter waiting with my friends for the arrival of the bus. Also behind the road there was a roadside flower seller (florist) going about his daily routine, a sweeper trying to keep the environment tidy, an old man begging on his knees for alms and some preparing themselves for the festivities. There was a girl in the corner with her mum- captivated by the thoughts while she was sitting with a bated breath, in a need of help to make her last hours of the year beautiful. This was the time when that florist helped the little girl in a way of giving some money to her. I left there in awe. In awe of the fact that, despite of his seemingly, needy situation he showed his generosity and helped. He was still having generosity ingrained in his consciousness. Even though he needed a lot too, to keep the body and soul together, he still recognized the fact that he had some to give one who had none. Although he did not have much, he still had something unlike someone else who had nothing.

These acts were not pushed aside by me and what more about me? I left there that morning with a learnt lesson. Little did I know, I was to learn this that there are only few people left altruistic. People consider vendors and beggars just as a static figure and never see them on humanitarian ground.

I now ensure to perform “little act of kindness” to almost everyone. I find myself in a situation to help out others as it has finally dawned on me that if things are not going on in a perfect way with or around me as compared to some, I still have greener grass.

Final flashes of the year are noteworthy to everyone. It’s a time of sharing and assembling wonderful memories with our beloved ones and there is nobody who does not want to make last minutes special, it is only our pecuniary anxieties which do not let us make our time joyous.

About Author:

“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at zaroomansoor9@gmail.com

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