The Persecuted Women

By Abdur Rehman Wazir.

Afia Wali Khan, a four-year cute niece, has great inborn potentials of becoming a singer and painter. She says she will go to singing and painting school for acquiring and polishing these skills to make her name. She lives in a small locality, Baka Khel Bannu, where primary girls schools are as extinct as the endangered species let alone schools where THE FINE ARTS are facilitated. Whenever I hear this from her, I reflect on this issue and loses my senses to the extent that I get disconcerted.

The Holy Qur’an  states:

Say: ‘Can those who have knowledge and those who do not be alike?’ So only the wise do receive the admonition. [al-Zumar, 39:9.]

So only those of His servants who have knowledge (of these realities with a vision and outlook) fear Him. Surely, Allah is Almighty, Most Forgiving. [Fatir, 35:28.]

Let me quote some important people sayings about women education.

Muhammad PBUH says

“Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China, for seeking knowledge is a duty on every Muslim.”

Quaid-e- Azam says

“I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with men. No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. There are two powers in the world. One is the sword and the other the pen. However, there is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.”

“ It is women alone who can teach men how and when to wield the sword or pen when the occasion arises. You, young women, are more fortunate than your mothers are. You are being emancipated. I do not mean that you must copy the west. But I do mean that man must be made to understand that a woman is his equal and that women is his friend and comrade and they together can build up homes, families and nations.”

How can we educate a woman?? Are they not entitled to a right of being educated?

With my point of view every single person wants to educate their children. The thing which i have noticed is that we are not given such facilities; we are neglected in the field of education. Boys may have a lot of opportunities because they can go anywhere, but girls are considered nothing in our society. Approximately, 99% girls are uneducated.

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Now the question may arise how can we be able to make them educated? Education is the only source by which we can revolutionize our lives as well as we can see bright future of our country. Our country is supposed the home of terrorists. We haven’t been authorized in the field of education. Educational administrations should be given concentration efficiently.

My write-up is based on critical feedback from friends on social media.

Tahir Wazir. What does Islam tell us about Female/women education?

Ibn Asakir himself had studied under 80 different female teachers in his time. According to a hadith collected in the Saḥih of Al-Bukhārī, the women of Medina who aided Muhammad were notable for not letting social mores restrain their education in religious knowledge.

Khurshid Wazir. I appreciate the issue you raised, but it is our responsibility to let women. We have snatched their basic rights. Our society is male dominant that’s why we still want female to be recessive.  It is said that if you educate a man then it is a single one, but if you educate a female then you educate a family.

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Abdur Rehman WazirKhurshid dear sometime we go through a lot of problems which we can’t fulfill alone. It needs educated women which can be solved by their efforts and hard work, and this very issue has still taken place in our society nobody pays attention on it that’s why it exists for along period of time..

Amdad Ullah Waziristani. Very smashing dear for touching this very significant issue of the society, the people of our area have become aware and shrewd to a limited extent about this very important issue but yet an enough awareness and hard work is required, really they have been neglected from this important and an intense needed solution issue.
Whenever we see the developed societies & countries there women have been given equal rights in getting education, therefore it is the need of the time that women should must be given an appropriate and equal opportunities of getting education so that we could walk side by side with the modern world.

Ahmad ALi. Dear some people have their demands from the concern authority (government) that there should be separate system for girl education they mean that the government must build separate schools, colleges and universities and i myself have the same demand from the government.

Rafique Jan.Tradition and religion play significant role in most of people’s lives and, somehow, mark different sides for the people seem more as universal and acceptable. Education throughout rural areas comes under the two theory when it is discussed akin to females. Females are deprived of their fundamental rights through different means much religiously and traditionally. 

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Religion has been alive in many lives. It is, upto some great extent, followed and it has changed many hearts. Apart, t has been misconstrued due to its wrong interpretation. Otherwise, it has allowed and given more rights to females since its overcoming. Islam has allowed females to go to the institutions alongside Pardah in order to have their aware, peaceful and proper lives. If a female has given proper education whether that is worldly or anyone, it will greatly impact the generation she has to give birth. The main reason of religion is wrong interpretation of Its teachings which stops many people not to send their daughters sisters etc to give them proper education.

Myths in easy way tradition has its own values in the rural areas. It vehemently or naturally makes rules and regulations for the people. It is followed all the time without any issue. As for its role in education particularly in tribal areas as the lives we have, it stops people’s breathing while sending females to institutions. Because, it brings them honor notion when they are to send their females. Honor which is an empty notion as compared to importance of living. To say the least, it brings many debacles and never green light people akin to give their females proper education. 

Apart from this, the lack of proper girls campuses and distance of the cities bring hurdles in their way. They can’t send their girls for 8 to 9 km. And they don’t find any proper source to allow their girls to have their own rights.

A Very good initiative on your part but practicality need consideration.

Abdur Rehman Wazir. Thumbs up✌👍that’s what we want schools in our region to  educate our generation in the future, now it’s up to us, how much and how far we can succeeded in this.

Abdullah Younus. Education is always confused with knowledge, plays an important role in the development of a nation. It broadens the horizons of  a nation but the real tragedy we are up against is that we, under the cloak of Islam which has always stressed the importance of equality, have deprived females of this basic right. Males of the society, who think that they will grow liberal and will freely adopt the philosophy of western women which is to some extent a genuine fear, do not allow their daughters and sisters to be educated. The solution, to the best of my knowledge, of this problem is separate Schools and colleges must be constructed in the rural areas for females so that the males – the conservative strata – are satisfied

Razaullah Wazir. The issue you raised is worth to be discussed seriously, for particularly our women are bereft of this basic right.

Generally in Pakistan women education ratio is low but if we talk about the pashtun areas it is equal to naught. The reasons are that our people are conservative and fanatics of religion. They have misunderstood Islam, because Islam teaches us to educate all irrespective of  gender.

Most of our people consider education for women against Islam and their so-called pashtun rituals. This perception needs to be changed through teaching them the real message of Islam.

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It is compulsory for government to provide basic education from 5 to 16 years children. Government must enact laws which compell the people to get enrolled their children particularly girls.

Government should launch campaigns through its own institutions and NGOs for spreading awareness among the people about women education.

One important thing which I feel is very essential and it becomes the responsibility of our educated youth to take start from ourselves by getting enrolled our sisters and daughters, if anyone has, in schools. We have to take initiative for this.

Shahab Khan. Dear, Abdur Rehman Wazir your point is absolutely appreciable. In my point of view everyone should discharge their responsibilities from ourself to our home and society. Unfortunately, i have never seen the true spirit and sensible mind which is extremely important. On the other hand we can’t deny the lack of facilities as our comrades mentioned here before because ‘it takes two to tango’.

We should hard work to motivate first of all ourself, home and society also because ‘Rome was not built in a day’. If we seriously ponder over on the issue we are discussing, we will ultimately stand to gain.

Mamoor Khan. Good and appreciable opinion about the woman education in our area. Nowadays everyone want to educate their families through standard education and to make a pleasing environment in home, in order to lead life free of any sorrows and mental stresses.

As we know that the woman of our area commit suicide by eating dangerous pesticides , insecticides etc. The reason behind their sucidial death is lack of modern education and deprivation of woman from basic Islamic rights, As long as we don’t educate our women we can’t prosper our area. As Aristotle said about the women education, that ( if you give me educated mother, then i will give you an educate nation) . there is no doubt that an educated mother  can make her family well educated. If we glance at the education system of our area, here are a lot of primary education institutes that we can’t count easily. Apart, the beautiful building construction of these school , there is no female teacher to teach to the girls of our area. The school owners used their schools for the accommodation purposes of their guests.

And second is that , if we see that nowadays many people opened Islamic maddressas for girls, to trained these girls with Islamic education, I am not against of these maddressas type of education, and i request from the Ulama of aur area to affiliate these maddresas with any board of education. This will give many advantages to these girls of our area, one is that, they will learn basic science used in our daily life, such as mathematics (addition, subtraction) and second is that they will get certificates from boards, which will enable them for jobs, as the male do, but here again several issues arises regarding their job outside of their home. we dont let them do any job outside of home. It is because of the fear,that what will happen if any wrong happens, then she will ruin my dignity in society. of course she can steps toward this illegal and forbidden task. But if we see the female are more obedient to parent advices as compared to male. If our father trust upon our sisters, and tell them that i hope , that u will never take any step toward following things which is degrading my honour in society, then she will never do that .

We request the KP government to operationalize the existing girls schools and establish new schools.

About Author:

Abdur Rehman Wazir specializes in BS English from PGC Bannu.He belongs to Baka Khel Bannu,KP. He has great interest in women education and empowerment.

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