Are Pakistanis A Futile Nation?

By Naila Awan.

The question which haunts the young minds of Pakistan is whether if Pakistan is a failed state. Ever since Pakistan’s appearance as an ideological state, efforts were made to beat or threaten it. The young Pakistanis are harassed because they are unable to plumb the motives for bestowed benefits of the western world in Pakistan. They are incapable of appreciating why these western powers or county loyalists do not take interest in the sprats like Maldives, Nepal or Bhutan. They are peeved with the status quo and want to change it but do not know how.

It is no joke to declare that Pakistan has been and still is the hub of all kinds of disagreements, international conflicts and collusions. It is the center of international interest because of multi-layered reasons. The very first reason is our geo-strategic location. Unfortunately, because of our mismanagement and evil interests of the world’s power, our utmost advantage has been transformed into the greatest threat to our existence. The young mind is confused as to why the other self-governing nations would interfere into another independent country’s affairs. They feel as if we, ourselves, are responsible for our own grieves and failures. There is no doubt in it. But still if continuous international interferences effort to establish control were not there, if international political actors did not choose us to play a rather horrid part in the international game, if we were left alone and if our fights with our neighbors were not intensified by these big powers, we certainly would have been more safe and secure.

Now the question climbs why at all our geostrategic position should matter? Its answer is very complex. In our north lie China and central Asian states. America, being the solitary power of the world wants to have a big role in international political set-up and this is not believable without keeping an eye on China. Secondly, the natural properties rich Central Asian states are source of never-ending nourishment for America. She wants to create its own dominance in the region and our position and geographical position provides her with a satisfactory occasion to do that. Controlling tricks were employed, procedures of carrot and stick were used, we were partial, forced and strong-armed into doing what we should not have done in the first place.

This all made with jerk of war between two candidate superpowers, America and the former Soviet Union. Our free acceptance in the war that was never ours, the political racism of our rulers, personal entrusted interests of the military government and many other factors not only threw us in that war of Afghanistan but also made us the ultimate victim in the long run. Nothing would be the better example of return strategy than our present condition. The good will we wanted to produce among the Afghans was never made. They do not look toward us as their liberty but rather as their oppressors. To calm their subjects, the military junta devised such term as “natural tactical allies’’ “jihad against heathens’’ and “Islamic fraternity’’. There was only one single motivation behind these heavily loaded terms, to persuade the Pakistani people not to stand up against the war which was never theirs. Undoubtedly, we tender lot from someone else’s war, fought on someone’s else benefits. This was zero sum game and the final score was zero as well. Yet, temporarily we got some financial benefits and political overstatement of helping our brothers in the hour of need but still the process of our griefs begins from there. We form nowhere, hopped into the war that was started for us and when heat of that fire reached us we started screaming.

Religious radicalism, the worst alarm for the Americans does not trouble the common man in the street, here in Pakistan. By and large, the Pakistanis are not religious radicals; on the contrary, they are religious code abiding people. They love and respect their religion and the only thing they demand from others is the same for their religion. They are fundamentalists, as they have faith in in the basic canons of Islam but so are most of Christians or Jews or Hindus. When their holy book is burnt or decreased they react most of the time in the same biased way as any Christian living somewhere in Denmark would do. If they sometimes take justice in their own hands it is because of their doubt of their social and political system. Justice overdue is justice denied and tactlessly most of the Pakistanis suffer from rejection of justice in this sense of the word. Bad domination shakes the substance of any country.

This is exactly what it has done with Pakistan as well. Untruth, two-facedness, ill-intention and corruption are the main social cankers, which are into the social fabric of the society gradually. But still, it is to her credit to survive, if not succeed. Even with international conspiracies, conferred and defamed interests of the USA, India, Iran and Afghanistan. For Pakistan to compete her 70 years, no doubt, is a great success. For us and to us, the Pakistanis, this is the fight for survival, leave alone power crisis, economic bombs, governance failures, violence, suicide bombings, rages, attacks, psychological disorders, extremism, problems of metacultures and multi-ethnicity and democratic fiasco. Just celebrate that even with everything we survive. Now is the time for a change that would radically alter the uniformity and shift the onus from the rulers to people. It is high time for founding a firm believer in the potential of the Pakistani youth, specialists, urban underground and hard-working rural majority.

About Author:
Naila Awan is student of social sciences at international islamic university Islamabad.

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