No More, Do More

By Saeed Mushtaq Awan.

The New year saw Pak-US bilateral relations at an all time low, when in the crazy early morning hours, Trump in a policy tweet had accused Islamabad of “fib and craft” while “giving safe havens to terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan”.

After the tweet Pakistan’s civil and military leadership chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed their disappointment over US president trump’s anti-Pakistan statement and decided not to take measures in hurry in reply to US defames.

US shouldn’t underestimate the sacrifices of Pakistan because Pakistan is fighting their war and lost so many lives in this war on terrorism either it’s civil or military Pakistan is the one who endure the US mistakes like Salala incident, Raymond Davis incident, and so many others and still trump refute the decades of sacrifices made by Pakistani nation.

A day after some unwilling and waggish criticism from president Donald trump, Pakistan welcomed the staunch support it received from its strongest ally, China, which accolade its efforts for its “owed contribution against terrorism” which should be granted by the international community. Pakistan has received assurances of support from two regional powers (China and Russia) after a humiliated tweet by US president, as “it’s been said that your enemy’s enemy is your friend” and Pakistan had received assurances from RUSSIA that Pakistan should not consider itself “isolated”

US used Pakistan for their self interest because for them this is what best for the business and who not know Trump he does everything which is best for the business like he won election from a lady who had years of experience in politics but at the end somehow lost election to a man who just joined politics for business.

The US president chose to forget his own words when in a tweet in October he had tweeted, “starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders” that mean they were playing with Pakistan since past two decades and now showing their cards but Pakistan on the other hand have edge on them if Pakistan just cut off their NATO supply like we did in 2011, US will be on there knee like they were in 2011. So don’t forget if Pakistan show his cards that will not rational for US because Pakistan have triumph card and US is dependent on Pakistan.

Before Slagging Pakistan Trump should have to think that What they done in Iraq and Afghanistan Since past two decades???

Trump in his tweet said that we pay Pakistan billions of dollars for nothing so Mr president it was Pakistan who provide you way for your supplies, provide you bases, it was Pakistan who pack the Guantanamo bay for you and also it was Pakistan which set a Canadian couple free when they were bringing to Pakistan from Afghanistan where you are fighting and controlling since two decades and so far not able to stabilize the state, that couple was abducted in Afghanistan six years ago and were kept in prison for six years and u did nothing, USA lost uncountable soldiers in this no reason war, thousands of soldiers become psycho patient, spending trillions of dollars and still blaming others.

Pakistan is suffering from terrorism because of USA, Pakistan lost so many innocents lives, it’s Pakistan who sacrificed the most in fighting the international terrorism and Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism didn’t depend on US aid but on “national interests and principles”

Now we’ll have to see how both countries playing their diplomatic cards and what role other super powers will play in this interesting situation because “Real Eyes, realize, real lies“.

About Author:

Saeed Mushtaq Awan is a student of international relations in International Islamic university Islamabad. Blogs writing is his hobby.

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