Sham Democracy

By Saif Ur Rehman.

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. This is how Sir Abraham Lincoln defined the term democracy. Just like milk and other edibles in markets are mostly impure same is the case with our most cherished form of government. It is true that democracy has been interrupted by the military regimes, which in return have aggravated the condition. But the form in which it is present here in Pakistan today is not acceptable either.

Personalities oriented politics; in order to be on the helm of affairs, one has to be a “Sharif” or a “Bhutto”. According to an assumption there are around 22 families which are the boss of our motherland. Why can’t a person from a remote area of Balochistan or a man from the desert of thar be incharge. How can the democracy work in a state where a cost of a vote is “biryani” and an infamous “qeemy wala naan”

Here i am going to make a statement and invite the people to challenge it, that if an individual do not have his own roof over his head, he does not have his own bread, how is it possible that he will have his own “opinion”? Our elites and their cronies have deliberately kept the masses illiterate and intellectually inferior.

“free and fair elections is a dream for every patriotic Pakistani and in its 70 years history Pakistan has only once seen free and fair elections that is in 1970”

The point which I am making here is not to assert that democracy be replaced by dictatorship or a monarch rule. Rather, urging a more critical examination of the rules underpinning the electoral drill which is bound to take place every five years and by which leader are elected and made accountable.

Feudalism has stifled the real essence of democratic norm in our country, and the custom of inherited politics must be demolished if young and vibrant talent has to be brought up.

Institution of ECP must keep in check the money spent on election campaign, and brandishing of weapons during election days must declared as crime. Free and fair elections are dream for every patriotic Pakistani. In its 70 years history Pakistan has seen only once the free and fair elections. All the election except of 1971 had been manipulated in one way or the other.

We have entered 2018 grousing of political instability, let’s see whether people would like to think for a minute before putting ballot paper in the box or they love to agitate on the roads after it.

About Author:

Saif Ur Rehman is Law Student at Quid e Azam University, Islamabad.

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