Experience Comes From Traveling

By Zara Mansoor.

I always prefer traveling because it offers you so many lessons of life. From my childhood to adulthood I have always spent the last days of the year in Lahore – The City of Gardens, with all my relatives. My year starts and ends in Lahore.

This time when we were coming back to Hometown we preferred GT Road as it was very early in the morning so Motorway was not safe at that time because of fog and we couldn’t delay our stay there, we had to come back to Islamabad as I had an interview the very next day.

On our way to hometown I encountered a lot of different things but the worst of all was marked when we stopped at the Dhaba for breakfast. There was a man in his 40s who parked his car next to ours. He and his so called wife were continuously smiling at us in a very strange way and it left a curious impression on us.  

I resisted stepping down of the car not because that the place didn’t meet my standard but because it was so cold outside but my parents insisted me. I stepped out of the car, tread softly on mud. The man was observing my acts and without any hesitation he started talking to me, asked me to sit on that manjhi. I heard him saying to me “sometimes you should take pleasures of this environment by coming out of your luxury cars”, I raised an eyebrow after hearing that comment.  

The man had old dusty shoes and was dressed up in a very peculiar way. He introduced himself to my father as Dr. Shahid Masood. Well he was not looking doctor from his personality and in actual he was of course not a doctor, was just trying to make us fool. It was clearly seen by us that the lady with him was not his wife. Whatever relation they had between them was not our matter and not of us even once tried to know.

The so called doctor was trying hard to develop some bond with us with the help of his abnormal talks and none of us was eager to hear him. Everyone is aware of not making friends while traveling as it is a risk of life. We didn’t take notice of what he said.

After a while that weird man spoke out, this time he told my father that he was basically from Sindh. After hearing my father couldn’t stay quiet and finally he asked his hometown in Sindh, he was from Sukkur. Baba told him that he often visits Sindh (Madahjee) and he has very good terms with Magsi’s. At this point I noted his facial expressions, he just got quiet and it seemed that he was not expecting such type of declaration.

He ordered tea with us and started telling us bored stories, he was rambling. Baba asked him about his profession and this second he completely told us a different thing. He was like “I am a head of 6,7 insurance companies” and the thing crossed my mind was if he was controlling 6 to 7 insurance companies then why didn’t he dress up in a better way? Why was he travelling in a small dinky type car?

He himself was not sure about his profession and not only of profession, he was not having an idea of the place where he wanted to rest in Islamabad. He was so confused about the place. First we were told he was traveling to Havelian-near Abbottabad, then khana pull near Islamabad. He was wholly a bizarre case.

He again came out with a completely baffling thing and started interviewing me. He was literally a human version of headache. I was continuously irritating by him. First he asked my qualification and I answered in a very rude way but despite of it he didn’t stay quiet that was the most infuriated thing. He again raised a question and asked me if I want to join media in future I made him aware about my currently doings for media, after listening he said “it means you are a very busy person”, I tried to prepare my mind to carry the weight of his boring and irritating questions but his last question just made me lose my temper “what’s your age?” I gave him an annoyed look, told him my age and stood up furiously asked my father to unlock the car as I had to sit in because that man was beyond my expectations and I was not having more tolerance to tolerate him anymore.  

After sitting in the car I started marking his expressions and doings. Some minutes later he offered some biscuits to my family, well they all denied taking, he was insisting but no one took a single piece as we all had a doubt on those two.

The last thing he said to my family was related to me that “your daughter will give you a very tough time in future” after hearing these words my parents stood up, paid the bill and just left. They all should have left earlier as I did because he wasn’t worthy of talking.

When we started travelling again, my baba told me that most of the people confront these sharp practices throughout their journey and that was the very first time I stood face to face with such type of double-dealing case.

Traveling really provides us experience same in the way that reading does.

About Author:

“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at zaroomansoor9@gmail.com

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