It is strenuous for Writer to make Reader feel something

By Zara Mansoor.

The arduous thing a writer believes is to grab his reader’s mind. It is not as easy as ABC to fabricate an eminent position in the field of writing. It is really a huge endeavor to give birth to many uncontrollable feelings in one’s heart and to make something pop in someone’s mind whole day.

Whenever I start putting words on paper first thing that crosses my mind is “what my readers would prefer this time to hear from my side?” I anticipate that every writer goes through this baffling position when he starts assembling words on paper because for the writer his readers are everything and their views, opinions and feedbacks matter a lot.

When I started converting my ideas and opinions for the very first time my readers weren’t much impressed by me. After that I searched like what they prefer and I came to know that something alluring they would love to hear and I worked on it. With time I learnt the art of playing with words and impressing others by my ideas and words.

Most of the people say that every writer shares what he likes. No! Every writer shares what his readers like. It is really not that he is just caring about himself and sharing what he likes. It is absolutely wrong. Every writer is a fighter and fighting some inner battle and despite of fighting with the inner self on the other side he is also making an effort to give butterflies in his reader’s stomach and to aware everyone about the world.

It is never easy to draw someone’s attention towards you, it is the hardest thing one finds to do. But nothing is impossible if you have made your mind to reach the level you have settled for yourself. Just few early steps are ticklish and if you cross with an audacity then nothing will ever trouble you.

Anyone who wants to make his place in the field of words should first learn to gather the best ideas and mysteriously attractive words to make a good position in reader’s heart. Only words can make place in hearts and minds, what you should have is just a command over words and an art to toy with words. That’s all!

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“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at

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